The Dark Knight

"If I happen to fall asleep in the cinema, please don't be surprise, k?" This was what hubby told me late afternoon when we were at Cathay @ Downtown East with me wanting to watch The Dark Knight. I pouted "You don't like to watch Batman?" which he shook his head but I am still happy that he is willing to accompany me. I did not even want to watch Indiana Jones with him the last time instead he caught Sex In the City with me! lovable hubby for u. Always giving in to his wife..

The show is great and not draggy! Even hubby was wide awake the whole time, though at some point the killing were abit ruthless.. the late Heath Ledger played Joker and we both agreed he did a very good potrayal of him. Could it be his hair? Even the voice is different. It is a must watch movie! We will watch Batman Begins tomorrow at Channel 5..hehe

Heath Ledger as The Joker

Tomorrow is another day where we both will 'nua' at home, where wife will make sandwich for breakfast followed by doing laundry and some ironing then off to her pampering facial while hubby will go to his parent's place for mahjong session. Mom-in-law will be preparing Tom Yam Steamboat for dinner!! Yummy.. my 2nd steamboat dinner in 3 days.

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