Decisions! Decisions!

Question: What are your plans after your maternity?
This q caught me by surprise. Err.. Status quo? Boys go to babysitter's house and I pick them up at 7pm?
Hb's suggestion: Continue sending them to babysitter, we get a maid so that night time there's help. Triple amount to spend. Babysitter for the boys n maid excluding levy, additional utilities, food n lodging. Doesn't make sense.
He further suggest I quit my job but that would mean I lose my financial freedom and Zach would need to stop his current school arrangement (which I bore the fees all on my own)! I can't do that to my boy.. The thought of having to get $$ from him is daunting.. How much can he give? How much I need to maintain my sanity at home? $2K? $3K? Does that mean I hv to cook? Ugh..

Kieran Tan

Born 13 June 2011 weighing 3.285kg at 50cm in length. Not bad for a 37 week baby!!
I was scheduled for c-sect on 21 June 2011 at week of 38! As how my past pregnancy is this time round, I thank God pre-eclampsia nvr found it's way nor water retention or high blood pressure. However, I was suffering from stomach hardening most of the time that walking seems so difficult.
I took urgent leave on 25/05 to see my gynae about it only to find out:
1. I'm having contractions not Braxton
2. My cervix is softening.
Gynae ordered bed rest for the rest of the week afraid that baby may decide to make an appearance.
3 days of bed rest became 3 weeks of bed rest.. I was soooo bored at home, not mobile enough to go out all the time (that'll defeat the purpose of bed rest, right?).
Nxt bad news I received fr gynae 2 weeks later is my amniotic fluid is low! And baby do not have much space to move so no point keeping baby in my tummy anymore!! Date was brought forward by a week - 14/06!
Well.. Mom being mom couldn't resist checking with a geomancer on good dates. Apparently the only good date is 13/06 or 17/06!! As my water level is dangerously low, we doubt gynae will allow c-sect on Friday.. So scrambling to call her on 11/06 morning informing her I wanna deliver on 13/06 then rush down to pay $3K in cash for delivery was no joke.. Muahaha
So that's it.. Delivery via c-sect with epidural on 13/06 between 7am - 9am!
Naturally I had a feast the day before, indulging in laksa n durian pengat.