Decisions! Decisions!

Question: What are your plans after your maternity?
This q caught me by surprise. Err.. Status quo? Boys go to babysitter's house and I pick them up at 7pm?
Hb's suggestion: Continue sending them to babysitter, we get a maid so that night time there's help. Triple amount to spend. Babysitter for the boys n maid excluding levy, additional utilities, food n lodging. Doesn't make sense.
He further suggest I quit my job but that would mean I lose my financial freedom and Zach would need to stop his current school arrangement (which I bore the fees all on my own)! I can't do that to my boy.. The thought of having to get $$ from him is daunting.. How much can he give? How much I need to maintain my sanity at home? $2K? $3K? Does that mean I hv to cook? Ugh..

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