Christmas & New Year

Christmas is 2 weeks away!! Not getting super excited because my 'mid-afternoon' sickness is not getting any better. I weigh myself and my weight actually went down!! Colleagues commented I don't look pregnant.. is it a good thing?

I have yet to decide on Zach's gift. As for hb's I'll skip his since I got him a fairly expensive gift for anniversary so that will make up for Christmas and our customary anniversary.

New Year means I've gotta come out with new resolutions!! Muahaha.. Let's recap last year's resolution:
1. More bags & shoes - check!! Acquired more than 2 bags n 10 pairs of shoes but how come I dun see my shoe collection growing??
2. Lose weight - arrghh.. This did not happen! My weight was stagnant at 53kg.. Stubborn! Now I can't lose anymore because I'm expecting!
3. Stay healthy & happy - fail! Wasn't happy because of work.. N when not happy I get migraine which means not healthy.

Ignore the above!! Haha.. For 2011 I must:
1. Lose all my pregnancy weight by exercising!!
2. Learn how to roller-blade. Been wanting to learn but always too shy.
3. Make sure I save at least 45% of my salary. That also means no more cards spending! 45% will include joint-savings, employee share options, investments and fixed deposits!! Does that mean I can spend money like water like wat I've been doing everyday? Haha.. NO!!
4. Save enough cash for upfront payment for us to purchase a private property. I'm thinking of one for investment or rental yield purposes and then renovate our current nest.
5. Stay healthy! Be happy! More patience towards hubby, Zach and the new baby..
6. Oh.. How can I forget?? MORE HOLIDAYS!! I must go Japan nxt year. I don't care if it's to Tokyo or Hokkaido. I juz want my feet to step on their soil! Lol..

Boring entry.. Some pix to brighten it.

Our Christmas tree

Zach testing all Ikea's chair!

Little blue box inspired tree

Zach built this! He even catered a space for the little man to seat!