Happy Mother's Day

May 10th marks the first year I celebrate Mother's Day. Nope, Zach's too young to be celebrating it for me but daddy will be celebrating it on his behalf. Heheh..Hubby said that's the least he could do seeing how much I have sacrificed for our only son. Well, even if he dun celebrate it with me, I am fine cos which mom would not sacrifice for their own child? The only gift I want from Zach is for him to grow up healthy and happy! Not forgetting, please poo daily. Hahaha

Hubby got me a new gadget. I kept telling him I do not need anything for Mother's Day nor anything at all at any other day but he insist on bringing me to Sony Gallery and showed me what he wanted to get me. I really wonder if he is the one that wanted it or I need it?

It's a new Sony Pocket Style PC Vaio P. My current Fujitsu lappie is onie 2 years old but I must admit the keyboard is getting abit weird..the alphabet 'P' needs extra few hit before coming out and the response time of the keyboard is killing me (hei, i m a typist hence i need fast-response keypad).

I must say this new Vaio is really cool! Slim and compact and light..I can bring it anywhere and the best thing is it fits nice into my LV or Coach bag. Needless to say, I am bowled over and hubby bought it on the spot. I chose my fave color, GREEN! The keyboard is good but the screen is really small! I must go for my LASIK soon else i will go blind playing with it. As for now, I only uses it when surfing in the room. :)

Thanks dearest!! Took loads of pix before, during and after our lunch buffet at Straits Cafe. Enjoy..
Family pix - Zach's too distracted by the TV