My Dream Gown

I've finally settled on my gown for solemnization.. it's a buttercup gown from Olive Suite - cost me a bomb but I simply fell in love with it the moment it caught my eyes few months ago.

We were there yesterday to see other new arrivals but in the end, this gown is still calling out for me! I can safely strike this off my to-do list and now I need to find a pair of nice shoes to go with it..any recommendation on where I can get it?
As Olive Suite is located at Delfi Orchard, we went looking ard seeing what other shops are there and chance upon Fairy's Inc.. I was trying to locate this shop as they have quite good reputation in wedding bands. True enough, seeing what they have to offer made both me n hubby tempted to make ourself another pair of band. But...we already had a pair of wedding band - so maybe we will just get ourself a pair of couple ring?? Hehehe.. Let's see how it goes.
My first gown fitting will be on 20th Oct 2007 - excited!!!
Here's the first glimpse of how my gown will look like:

We meet up with Aileen for dinner at Plaza Market Cafe for buffet dinner - Aileen's treat cos she got an increment!! Happy happy.... get to eat and she got increment! Dinner was good.. and they have Durian Pudding - I took 3 big servings..yummy!! I must make sure I go there again.. it is a die die must have for me..

Smelly hair

I simply hate it when I have to travel to work by MRT from Bedok station. Reason I was at Bedok this morning is cos I was at hubby's place last night.
Usually, I will take a train from Tampines to Pasir Ris and then to town - this will guarantee me a place on the train! Hehe
The train as per alwayz, is crowded. Not to mention, there is a lady in the train that kept talking to herself and she is crying at the same time, not sure why.. but she could be mentally unstable.
Then there is this lady that is standing in front of me that kept pushing her hair to my face..not that her hair smells nice in the first place. I have to cover my nose the whole journey while doing the balancing act.
This made me realise that I too could be in that lady's shoe and this means I should start washing my hair everyday..hahaha and invest in a nice smelling shampoo! Yesh..more reason to spend...wahahaha..
Shuld refrain from spending.. my card bills will amount to more than $5K next month - but it is all cos of our love nest and ROM stuff.

The search is over

Hubby heaved a sigh of relief. We finally signed on the dotted line to engage Johnny as our designer. Yeap, after months of meeting with tens of designers, we finally decided to end our search.
His design is nothing fantastic - but it was his sincerity that we detected from him.. n hubby is comfortable with him which I think is the most important factor.
Next step: Wait for his 3D layout to be out, most probably next Saturday.
Watch this space...

Proposed floor plan - now waiting for perspective drawing

I'm soooo lazeee

We dragged ourself out from bed last Tuesday, Sept 11 2007. Yeap, you read right.. I am posting something so outdated..reason? I am juz simply too lazy to blog. Come to think of it, I am practically staring at my compy every night till 1am (busy reading forums) but did not bother to blog - one reason I am also lazy to download the pix from my camera. Ha ha ha
It was quite bad for hubby to wake up so early last week. He is not known to be a morning person but nevertheless, the experience was great!

Hubby look tired - from his big, big eye bag!
The HDB officer is really kind, explain everything in detail and fast too! Within 30minutes, all docz that requires signature was signed and we set the 2nd appt to be on Nov 16th. It could be earlier but me n hubby are nice ppl, we do not want the current owner to rush through their renovation at their new place, hence.. =)
Do not understand how come the 4D in SG do not allow betters to buy 3digit. We can do so in Malaysia. Our queue number was 3302 and guess what came out 3rd prize? 9302.. arrgghh. But it is okay.. our unit number did came out twice, although I do not bet on it, still happy..hee

Finally we decided to make a decision on which designer firm to go for end of this month. Wahahaha.. we have been dragging this since June.. hehehe, it is my fault for being fickle minded, scouring everywhere for the cheapest and 'bestest' deal. We found one which is quite good, will be meeting them again this Thursday, fingers n toes crossed that this will be THE ONE!
Shopaholic mood has kicked in (yet again!). I bought 2 pair of shoes at one go last week - cost me more than $100 and I got a shocked (my fault for not looking at the price prior to confirming them). And because of those shoes, I spent nearly $50bucks to purchase blister plasters..wahahaha. The price for being vain! My colleagues and I was saying we should open a shoe shop selling shoes that is 1/2 size bigger than the other - everyone knows all human feets are not equal in size and that explains why I am having blisters on left feet and not right feet! Bleh..
That's not all, I bought myself a skirt, 2 working shirt from Forever21..n previously, bought few dresses, which I have not worn and some worn only once!! And why am I complaining I do not have clothes to wear? Puzzled..

We eFiled!

We were at Black Angus for dinner last night. It was an occasion to warrant for such luxurious meal once a while. We were going to eFile @ ROM after dinner.

The delicious clam chowder, hubby's fave rib-eye steak and my half-rack baby pork rib
However, my dear hubby decided to order 2 margaritas for us and I end up being so drunk, I went to bed without taking my shower! Ooopss.. I didn't know why I could get drunk on drinking that.. hahaha..

The margarita that made me drunk!

I did not wake up until 9am this morning and quickly did my housework and took a well deserved shower!! Hehe... Dear was up and already sitting in front of the computer (and he has not even brushed his teeth yet...wahahaha...

I must say, with all the 'e' world, even eFiling makes everything so much easier. All is done within a short 15minutes - could be faster if I realise that my compy is not installed with Java and installed it earlier, wooppsie again!

The whole day is spent furniture shopping - sounds fun but it is really brain damaging! We went Liang Court - my, the place is really run down. Even the furnitures at OM is dusty not to mention their price is not the most competitive one. We chose several pieces of furniture and it cost us a whopping $7K.. of course we are not that stooopid to commit into that amount for some furniture, we told poor sales person that we need to shop around and I am glad we did that.

We saw a much nicer dining table at Celline, a much nicer sofa.. but still lacking a nice TV console.

Now, I need to know where XZQT is.. =/ We went to Millenia Walk, thinking that they are there, and end up at Senteurs de Provence, a nice shop selling perfumes. They sell this cute cream perfume which they claim can last me for a year and it only cost $28. Who could resist such cute stuff.. so I got myself one called Fragonard.. hehehe

Sept 11, our HDB 1st appt.. very very excited and after that we are going to meet another designer. Dear is worried cos this seems never ending (at least to him..). I really hope we can resolve the designer thing.. I had too much to worry abt for the last few days and it is really taking a serious toll on me n dear...sigh..

Hardware Zone

Yeay!!! I finally got myself a new laptop and I am currently typing this piece of blog using my new compy.. Fujitsu Lifebook. Was contemplating to purchase a Sony Vaio or Lenovo but decided against both as one is too costly and the other is manufactured in China. I am quite wary about China stuff now, too many scary stories going around.. hehe
This notebook is quite affordable, considering the hardware specifications are not bad. It's a 2GB RAM with 100GB hard disk drive.

A new compy will not be complete without a printer, ain't it? We got ourself a new photo printer from Canon. The purpose is to print out our invites for solemnization as well as for actual wedding follow on. The quality of the print is quite good and surprise, the first draft of our ROM invites is out!! Not very good (paper is too dull..will have to go source for better ones..)

Dear got a new gadget as well, SE P1. Its a sleek phone to begin with, a 3.2MP camera, comes with WLAN, Bluetooth (which he is fully utilising it)...even now. I can't get used to the keyboard though but dear is really used to such phone, having using M600 previously. Good for him.. keep enjoying ur new phone ya..