We eFiled!

We were at Black Angus for dinner last night. It was an occasion to warrant for such luxurious meal once a while. We were going to eFile @ ROM after dinner.

The delicious clam chowder, hubby's fave rib-eye steak and my half-rack baby pork rib
However, my dear hubby decided to order 2 margaritas for us and I end up being so drunk, I went to bed without taking my shower! Ooopss.. I didn't know why I could get drunk on drinking that.. hahaha..

The margarita that made me drunk!

I did not wake up until 9am this morning and quickly did my housework and took a well deserved shower!! Hehe... Dear was up and already sitting in front of the computer (and he has not even brushed his teeth yet...wahahaha...

I must say, with all the 'e' world, even eFiling makes everything so much easier. All is done within a short 15minutes - could be faster if I realise that my compy is not installed with Java and installed it earlier, wooppsie again!

The whole day is spent furniture shopping - sounds fun but it is really brain damaging! We went Liang Court - my, the place is really run down. Even the furnitures at OM is dusty not to mention their price is not the most competitive one. We chose several pieces of furniture and it cost us a whopping $7K.. of course we are not that stooopid to commit into that amount for some furniture, we told poor sales person that we need to shop around and I am glad we did that.

We saw a much nicer dining table at Celline, a much nicer sofa.. but still lacking a nice TV console.

Now, I need to know where XZQT is.. =/ We went to Millenia Walk, thinking that they are there, and end up at Senteurs de Provence, a nice shop selling perfumes. They sell this cute cream perfume which they claim can last me for a year and it only cost $28. Who could resist such cute stuff.. so I got myself one called Fragonard.. hehehe

Sept 11, our HDB 1st appt.. very very excited and after that we are going to meet another designer. Dear is worried cos this seems never ending (at least to him..). I really hope we can resolve the designer thing.. I had too much to worry abt for the last few days and it is really taking a serious toll on me n dear...sigh..

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