Hardware Zone

Yeay!!! I finally got myself a new laptop and I am currently typing this piece of blog using my new compy.. Fujitsu Lifebook. Was contemplating to purchase a Sony Vaio or Lenovo but decided against both as one is too costly and the other is manufactured in China. I am quite wary about China stuff now, too many scary stories going around.. hehe
This notebook is quite affordable, considering the hardware specifications are not bad. It's a 2GB RAM with 100GB hard disk drive.

A new compy will not be complete without a printer, ain't it? We got ourself a new photo printer from Canon. The purpose is to print out our invites for solemnization as well as for actual wedding follow on. The quality of the print is quite good and surprise, the first draft of our ROM invites is out!! Not very good (paper is too dull..will have to go source for better ones..)

Dear got a new gadget as well, SE P1. Its a sleek phone to begin with, a 3.2MP camera, comes with WLAN, Bluetooth (which he is fully utilising it)...even now. I can't get used to the keyboard though but dear is really used to such phone, having using M600 previously. Good for him.. keep enjoying ur new phone ya..

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