Early birthday pressie

I got an early birthday pressie from dear hubby.. an LV Speedy 25!!! My very very very first LV bag - he is worried will this spark the LV frenzy in me? He is so shocked and in denial state when we had to queue in to get into LV @ Taka - what is this?? I am going to spend thousand of dollar on their bags and I need to queue?? Wahahaha.. grow up!!! Dear wanted to get me another model but when the sales promoter heard that this will be my first LV bag, he quickly recommended me a Speedy - their best seller and every girl must-have. So here I am, joining the few thousands of girls in Singapore that has an LV Speedy..haha

He already has a few activities lined up next week for my birthday, better than last year?
At least this weekend was not as hectic as the last one - I managed to iron bulk of my clothes earlier, change my bedsheet, finish up my DIY invites.. and not to mention - indulge in a 2.5hours of facial!! Bliss...
We managed to finalise all the tiles required for our new flat, signed the imdemnity form to request for a HDB Renovation Permit - hopefully by the time we get our keys, we can start all the work without glitches. Not to mention, we visited some furniture stores and found a few pieces that we really really love. Next step is to ask our ID if they are suitable.

The center one will be our master bathroom tile while the right one will be for common bathroom

Floor tiles @ living & dining - additional $1K

Kitchen floor tiles

Can't wait to get our keys on 16th Nov 2007 but Nov will be a busy busy month.

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