I decided to try out on my new T20 today. I am very pleased with the result -pix taken are crystal clear, what more could I ask? A nice pouch of course. Dear bought a new camera pouch from Sony Gallery that costs more than $50 but it is very nice! Now I don't have bulky camera pouch and this can be slot into my handbag anytime. Conclusion: More pix of course.

Dear collected his iPod Touch today - super slim, similar to iPhone and he was busy playing with his new gadget during dinner and after we got home. I betcha he will be fully occupied with this new toy until he set his mind on another one.

I may not represent all the girls out there but I do dare to say my circle of gal frens, we do carry alot of plastics around us. I am not talking about credit cards, I am referring to discount cards, loyalty cards, reward cards, etc. I myself have more than 10 different type of cards, catering to my everyday lifestyle needs (yeah right) - coffee (TCC), juice (MX - SG, JuiceWork - MY), hotel (Hilton), air miles (Krisflyer), toilettries (BodyShop), choc (Godiva), buffet (Raffles Gourmet) ai yoh, can't continue. Too many. Dear was very shocked when I was at this paper shop earlier and I whipped out their loyalty card, he asked "Is there any card that you do not have??" err... hahaha

It is a norm for me to ask any waiter in a restaurant "Any discount for any credit card?" Hehehe, well, who knows we may get lucky with a 15% - 20% discount. A tagline for me..wahaha

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