Happy Birthday Pa.

Been wanting to blog for the longest time. One reason for not doing so, the photos is still in the camera and I can't remember where I placed the card reader! Sigh.. I have been getting so so so forgetful! I bought a packet of white envelopes and I remembered I brought it back from office. I started searching my room (not that it was very big) but I couldn't find it. How despairing. When I wasn't looking for it, I found it tucked under my TV cabinet. Hehe
I was back to Klang last weekend again - this time to celebrate my dad's b'day and scouting for furnitures. Our house was 90% completed. The downlights were insufficient, I couldn't imagine a house will need more than 20 downlights!! Musta cost my parents a big big hole in their pocket.. felt bad :(
We went to King Crab @ Kelana Jaya for dinner. It was a 8-course dinner @ RM888++. The food was good though the display is nothing spectacular. The 'soon hock' fish was fresh and taste good. Luckily there isn't any meat like chicken or duck.. hehe, i m cutting my intake of poultry, not sure for the reason but felt that should not take too much meat.

Clowning ard before other family member arrives while dad n mom kill time singing karaoke!

Rafe bought a huge cake which in fact wasn't wat he n Mel had in mind. They had wanted the hotel to create a cake in a shape of a container truck - representing the business my dad is in, but wat a disappointment but not the quality of the cake. Hahaha.. choc moist cake - yummy!! Very rich and moist - wahaha just like the name of the cake. The chef made up by putting a pic of a container truck with my dad's company logo on the container. Better than nothing!

Dad's cake with sugar-coated picture of truck - choc moist cake, yummilicious!

Happy Family - with grandparents & Mel's & Jason's other half

Sunday was spent going rounds a few furniture shop looking for sofa and my bed. I decided not to custom made my bed - too expensive to custom made though the quality is definitely better. Finally found a shop that sells quite decent bedframe only costing me RM950 for a queen size. A puzzling thing is that they sold to us King Koil matter at RM1.6K (average) per piece. I tot mattress should be more expensive than that? And it is King Koil leh.. regret that I did not ask him what model did he recommend us.. but I rather not raise this issue up else mom will have sleepless nite - thinking she got cheated. Hahaha
Planning for 2 renovation and a solemnization party is definitely a no-no. Having completed the first reno, we have to find a suitable date to move in which means i need to take longer leave to go back - pack up, clean up, unpack and clean up. At least a week? But if I were to leave SG for a week, my reno in SG will hv to be stopped.. sigh.. what to do?
Will post up the pix over the weekend when I get my hand on the card reader..sorry!

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