Early birthday pressie

I got an early birthday pressie from dear hubby.. an LV Speedy 25!!! My very very very first LV bag - he is worried will this spark the LV frenzy in me? He is so shocked and in denial state when we had to queue in to get into LV @ Taka - what is this?? I am going to spend thousand of dollar on their bags and I need to queue?? Wahahaha.. grow up!!! Dear wanted to get me another model but when the sales promoter heard that this will be my first LV bag, he quickly recommended me a Speedy - their best seller and every girl must-have. So here I am, joining the few thousands of girls in Singapore that has an LV Speedy..haha

He already has a few activities lined up next week for my birthday, better than last year?
At least this weekend was not as hectic as the last one - I managed to iron bulk of my clothes earlier, change my bedsheet, finish up my DIY invites.. and not to mention - indulge in a 2.5hours of facial!! Bliss...
We managed to finalise all the tiles required for our new flat, signed the imdemnity form to request for a HDB Renovation Permit - hopefully by the time we get our keys, we can start all the work without glitches. Not to mention, we visited some furniture stores and found a few pieces that we really really love. Next step is to ask our ID if they are suitable.

The center one will be our master bathroom tile while the right one will be for common bathroom

Floor tiles @ living & dining - additional $1K

Kitchen floor tiles

Can't wait to get our keys on 16th Nov 2007 but Nov will be a busy busy month.

Girls will be girls

Girls are so easy to be pleased!! That's Viv statement during lunch at Genki Sushi today. We rushed down to FJ Benjamin for Raoul warehouse sale, Titanium card preview sale. It's really a deal not to be missed, shirts going for $30/pc with usual price of $189/pc. I bought 2 for myself and 3 of hubby

After such rough shopping - you will never know the shoving and pushing ur way through the mad crowd and digging right to the bottom of the cart hoping to get something good hidden down there..hehe, we gorge ourself silly with sushi.. yummy!!!
Speaking of sushi, I had dinner at Sakae last night with Aileen. It was as usual a very very long queue. I can't help but to notice that all waitress and the supervisor was looking at one particular table. 4 of them was sitting near the entrance and I took notice of them too. They ate abt 5 - 6 plates of sushi and was chatting away, not mindful of the long queue forming outside the restaurant. Imagine we queue up for 15 minutes or so, and they were sitting there chatting and not eating. At one point of time, the supervisor went up to their table and look at their bill - must be dropping hints, but the 4 of them ignore her!! Gosh.. such inconsiderate patron!!! They sat for a good 30more minutes before leaving.. wat a *****

More food when we reach back to office today. One of the girl resigned and she was so sweet to walk all the way to Central and got us mini donuts!! Yummy yummy...


I decided to try out on my new T20 today. I am very pleased with the result -pix taken are crystal clear, what more could I ask? A nice pouch of course. Dear bought a new camera pouch from Sony Gallery that costs more than $50 but it is very nice! Now I don't have bulky camera pouch and this can be slot into my handbag anytime. Conclusion: More pix of course.

Dear collected his iPod Touch today - super slim, similar to iPhone and he was busy playing with his new gadget during dinner and after we got home. I betcha he will be fully occupied with this new toy until he set his mind on another one.

I may not represent all the girls out there but I do dare to say my circle of gal frens, we do carry alot of plastics around us. I am not talking about credit cards, I am referring to discount cards, loyalty cards, reward cards, etc. I myself have more than 10 different type of cards, catering to my everyday lifestyle needs (yeah right) - coffee (TCC), juice (MX - SG, JuiceWork - MY), hotel (Hilton), air miles (Krisflyer), toilettries (BodyShop), choc (Godiva), buffet (Raffles Gourmet) ai yoh, can't continue. Too many. Dear was very shocked when I was at this paper shop earlier and I whipped out their loyalty card, he asked "Is there any card that you do not have??" err... hahaha

It is a norm for me to ask any waiter in a restaurant "Any discount for any credit card?" Hehehe, well, who knows we may get lucky with a 15% - 20% discount. A tagline for me..wahaha

Depleting moolah!

Another fruitful weekend for us, though it started abit late but that did not deter us from spending few Ks within 3hours - *gasp!*
There were several exhibition fairs at Expo - Gracious Home, Harvey Normal sale, Metro sale. Naturally we went to all 3 fair!
We saw a good deal at Simmon's booth for their BeautyRest range. Their new mattress, Arlington Plush was going at a good price, so we made a purchase on the spot. It wasn't an impulse buy. We were scouting for mattress since June and been around looking at King Koil & Simmons, but in the end Simmons win hands down.
I heard from dear's mom that Metro is closing down?? I did not knew about it but their sale at Expo is really a good deal. Too bad, it is abit too early to stock up on plates & saucers and pots & pans. So we gotten ourself 2 t-shirt for my gym exercise, 3pair of socks for dear, shirt n pants for his dad.. not too bad. They have some hourly deals which is too good to be true. Osim iSqueeze going for $328!!! Better not think of this first.. quite tight in cash lately, been spending alot!
At Harvey Norman, I splurged myself with a new gadget - Sony T20 ($499)! I wanted a slimmer camera that can be carried ard. Being a kiasu me, I wanted to capture all the beautiful memories with dear and also at the same time, I m tired of the old one, hehehe (this may be the main deciding factor!) *ooppss*

I bought the pink one like above - comes with 3GB memory stick, tripod, card reader. It's a steal!!

I m still up cos waiting for the instruction to start testing - DR testing this morning.. I will be a walking zombie tomorrow.. it's a shopping day for me, going to Orchard to collect dear's iPod Touch and at the same time go look for my wedding shoes..heheh

Happy Birthday Pa.

Been wanting to blog for the longest time. One reason for not doing so, the photos is still in the camera and I can't remember where I placed the card reader! Sigh.. I have been getting so so so forgetful! I bought a packet of white envelopes and I remembered I brought it back from office. I started searching my room (not that it was very big) but I couldn't find it. How despairing. When I wasn't looking for it, I found it tucked under my TV cabinet. Hehe
I was back to Klang last weekend again - this time to celebrate my dad's b'day and scouting for furnitures. Our house was 90% completed. The downlights were insufficient, I couldn't imagine a house will need more than 20 downlights!! Musta cost my parents a big big hole in their pocket.. felt bad :(
We went to King Crab @ Kelana Jaya for dinner. It was a 8-course dinner @ RM888++. The food was good though the display is nothing spectacular. The 'soon hock' fish was fresh and taste good. Luckily there isn't any meat like chicken or duck.. hehe, i m cutting my intake of poultry, not sure for the reason but felt that should not take too much meat.

Clowning ard before other family member arrives while dad n mom kill time singing karaoke!

Rafe bought a huge cake which in fact wasn't wat he n Mel had in mind. They had wanted the hotel to create a cake in a shape of a container truck - representing the business my dad is in, but wat a disappointment but not the quality of the cake. Hahaha.. choc moist cake - yummy!! Very rich and moist - wahaha just like the name of the cake. The chef made up by putting a pic of a container truck with my dad's company logo on the container. Better than nothing!

Dad's cake with sugar-coated picture of truck - choc moist cake, yummilicious!

Happy Family - with grandparents & Mel's & Jason's other half

Sunday was spent going rounds a few furniture shop looking for sofa and my bed. I decided not to custom made my bed - too expensive to custom made though the quality is definitely better. Finally found a shop that sells quite decent bedframe only costing me RM950 for a queen size. A puzzling thing is that they sold to us King Koil matter at RM1.6K (average) per piece. I tot mattress should be more expensive than that? And it is King Koil leh.. regret that I did not ask him what model did he recommend us.. but I rather not raise this issue up else mom will have sleepless nite - thinking she got cheated. Hahaha
Planning for 2 renovation and a solemnization party is definitely a no-no. Having completed the first reno, we have to find a suitable date to move in which means i need to take longer leave to go back - pack up, clean up, unpack and clean up. At least a week? But if I were to leave SG for a week, my reno in SG will hv to be stopped.. sigh.. what to do?
Will post up the pix over the weekend when I get my hand on the card reader..sorry!

Happy events!

Multiple events cropped up over the last few days, of course it is happy events! Finally see some progress in most stuff.
1. Finally settled the gown - first fitting on 20th Oct. Refer to earlier post..
2. Spent so much yesterday..decided that the previous invitation card design is not up to my standard, hence re-do everything. Went to Made with Love @ Plaza Singapura last night to purchase some stuff; Swarovski crystal, paper, flowers. Laverne recommended me to Spotlight, I was like WOW!!! so huge...I end up buy some glittering stuff and glue. Find that some of their things are old looking..hehehe

3. Decided on what will be the favors - will keep it as a surprise for now!
Both hubby and myself were at Tangs over the weekend, amusing ourselves with the household utensils. Not that I am a great cook but I kept telling him "eh..I like this one.. I must have this.." hahaha.. until we spotted this

If anyone ever remember, most household use such hot water container 10 - 15 years ago? Looking back, it looks quite quaint which hubby says he may consider getting one for our new place.. I totally agree! Red colored one is nice and it is not very costly $29.90.
I have this great affinity towards green colored stuff lately and I am unsure when this all started. To show my love for green, I even painted one of the wall in my room GREEN! It's for my house back in Klang.. and my room is the only one that is totally out of the overall theme - Zen whilst mine is modern contemporary look..heheh =)

My Lime Fizz wall

Other parts of the house are more or less completed! We are targeting to move in by mid-Nov.. yippee!! I have yet to purchase a bed only.. then my room is all complete..

Main door is up - pending paint

Living room with cove lighting

Cozy corner

Dining room and dry kitchen

Water feature cum fish tank

Can't wait to knock off today. Will be going down to see Johnny, the designer of our sanctuary. His perspective drawing is up. Hopefully can get a copy of it tonight - will post it up!