All fired up

National Day 2008 was especially meaningful! On the actual day, we were at Amara Sanctuary Resort and juz last week, we went to the floating platform to watch was raining from morning till evening and even when we were watching the fireworks, umbrellas, ponchos were all taken out.

Show was very spectacular and the pictures show it all..

On Cloud 9

I am the happiest wife today!! I tried my hand at cooking curry again tonight and it was a success!

I know I made it when hubby requested for a second helping of rice..hehehe. What made it sweeter is his comment "Eating with you on weekend prevents me from feeling lonesome esp if you cook".. Hahaha.. He was alone last week, hence he went back to his mom's place for dinner but when he came home, he is all alone and he must have felt lonely!

It certainly did motivate me to try cooking something new every weekend (if time permits)..I have a few in mind alr and it will be still a surprise for my dearest hubby.

Sentosa, Here We Come!

As part of our 2nd anniversary celebration, we booked a room at Amara Sanctuary Resort, Sentosa. Partly to get away from the crowd and to spend some quality time together.

We went for the monorail services from Vivocity after our hearty lunch of fried hokkien mee and roti prata each.. (and to think that I was still feeling hungry after that..)

This is where we queue to buy the tix - snaking long queue!

Crowd control was good to ensure that the ride from Vivo to Sentosa is as comfy as possible

During the ride, the monorail stopped for us to take a quick view on the Resorts World construction progress..

Buses ploughing the various routes bringing visitors ard the island - we were on the Yellow Line bus bringing us to..

We toured the resort but found that it was pretty small but cosy..view from their rooftop pool is amazing but abit too hot though - we saw some forming clouds though.

Retreated back to our room for our afternoon nap (we did not venture out very far from Sentosa since I get tired easily), we received a pleasant surprise!!

PEACOCK!! What a beautiful creature.. not only one but several were spotted lazing ard outside our room - hubby was busy snapping away. I consider ourself lucky to be able to see this beautiful creature up close!

Love of my life.. he snapped many many nice pictures which I will upload once I get hold of them.
Happy Anniversary dearest... we did not get anything for each other because we have the greatest gift of all, our baby boy and he gave us a very special gift last night which brought tears of joy to both of us!!

Waiting for shuttle service from Amara Sanctuary to Vivocity - after checking out.

Our 2nd Anniversary

Today marked the 2nd year me and hubby got together.. how are we celebrating it? We are going to checked into Amara Sanctuary for some private time together *wink! wink!*

The last 2 weeks has been crazy for both of us, we din really have much time to spend with each other so this weekend will be some quality time.

I still remember way back in 2006 on this day, he called me the day before saying that since it is a public holiday he will come over to my place with breakfast and we will watch the National Day parade together.. He came wearing his Netherlands jersey, blue Adidas sunglass looking very stylo with his big breakfast and beancurd for me..the day passes by and the rest is history and here we are now, registered and expecting our child by this year-end.

Some may say it is like a whirlwind romance but to us, we felt like it is a lifetime together and still going strong..

Dear, may we have many many years to come to celebrate National Day together!! Love you..