Simple Butter Cookies

I have been baking and blogging for almost a year plus now and I can't believe that I've never attempted butter cookies. It is the simplest dessert to be made with just butter, sugar, flour and egg. So what is stopping me? Well, I don't really like baking stuff that requires me to roll, cut etc.. I have no confidence in that. Example of rolling fondant, I can't seem to master them. My fondant end up cracked, too thin, color run etc.. *pull hair moment*

The test came when I need to prepare party packs for Zach's birthday celebration in school. Being a mummy, I dislike giving junk food as party goodies, so what is better than homemade goodness? A good friend bought me a cookie press that I have been keeping for months. Finally I can open them up and use it. Whoop whoop..

It was jiffy using the cookie press and the pattern turned out great!

As usual I Google-d on which recipe I want to use. The one that I referred to is simple and pretty. It is slightly different because she piped icing on top of the cookies which made them prettier.

Image from
With lazy me, I opted out of piping icing - I do not know how to pack them without smudging the icing. Haha..excuses excuses.

Using her recipe (see blog URL above), I used Isigny butter that I bulk purchased from a lady. Cookies turned out fragrant with good buttery taste! Exactly how I love my butter cookies. It made me happier to know that the decision to bake butter cookies is the right one because both my boys loves them very much that Zach kept asking for more - that's rare.

These were before sent to the oven