Halloween Gourd

We were at KLCC's Cold Storage last week when I saw these funny looking Halloween gourd which is really an eye-opener. Hehe

HIndrance at feet

For the first time in my life I have a bandaged feet. I could not recall when did I hurt myself but I could only remember my right feet hurt after shopping at Robinsons Centrepoint 3 weeks ago! Yeap.. it hurts since then and it was swollen since then. Don't ask me how I withstand the pain daily walking from Clark Quay to Raffles Place every day to and fro and still manage to squat, etc etc..

The last straw came 2 days ago when I felt the pain became unbearable when I climb up and down from stairs. Hubby brought me to an acupuncture shop at Bedok today and he confirmed that I have indeed sprained my vein and it was swollen...he is also amazed that I can last that long..hahaha.. Alright, I have very high pain threshold, which is good!

A few rub and pull, hopefully by tomorrow the bandage can be removed else I can't do alot of things at home as I can't wet my feet..sigh!