Quick Updates

Started work but couldn't seem to get the momentum going! Wanted to do so much but somehow the mind is not with the body. Body is at office, mind is with Zach at his infantcare. This is bad.. Gotten our bonus though it is lesser than what I've got last year but I'm not complaining cos as long as there is $$ in my account, I am happy. No increment though..shucks! Nearly 2 years without increment..Arrgghhh..

Resume expressing milk for Zach. It's a tiring affair but I know I can do it. It was quite stress expressing at work, having to absence myself every 3 hrs (I am pumping every 3hrs to get the supply up) for 45minutes. Milk isn't flowing out smoothly and Zach is increasing his milk intake daily..first it was 150ml every 4hrs then 160ml every 4hrs then 170ml and now 180ml!!! Crazy or what... I need to pump like 4x a day in order to meet his demand and I could sense my boss is not very happy about it. Sigh.. I prepared myself to resign so that I could stay home and pump exclusively for few months just to stock up on frozen breastmilk that can last Zach for few more weeks or months (depending). I talked to her (my boss) and I was pleasantly surprised that she actually allow me to take leave to stay home and pump and come back when I am ready!!! Happy happy.. milk supply went up as well!! I am not going to give up anytime soon.. drinking papaya fish soup with pork ribs, steam cod fish, fish slice soup, warm soya milk, milo, fenugreek! Doing all I can to up my supply.. the result is showing soon and I am positive about it.

We're going to Genting next Fri!! It's been years since I last went there. Come to think of it, not that long, max 3 years? Hmm... it will be Zach's first holiday trip with his parents and hubby will be driving there with his parents n bro. Wonder will he let me drive..itching to drive on the highway. So many to pack for Zach and my mind is alr working on what to bring etc. Hubby say just bring the whole house along.

I watched a few movies on my iPod during expressing - Marley & Me, Bride Wars Out, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. All of them were nice and it was especially so for Marley & Me. It was so touching that I cried n cried in the end. Now that is the main reason hubby do not want me to get a dog!! I will be too sad if something were to happen to it. Oh well.. wait till Zach ask him for one in future.. mummy will psycho him to ask daddy to get one. Haha