Mad about extensions

Did this set of nails last night at Yishun, a hom-based nail technician. Her skills are good and she is very friendly too.
Though the price is very steep but I simply love having nicely doned up nails.. it makes me happy to see them whenever I am typing on my keyboard.
I'll definitely refrain myself from going regularly, mabbe 5 weeks once?

Luv it

Simply love this dress that I got during our Oz trip last month.

Stretchy material and thick enuf to hide my bulge but not weighing me down.
Pair with a pair of nude color pump!

More funny faces

Mickey pose

Captain Zach Cape

Even daddy joined in the fun

I'm proud of Zach for coloring this (an online app) and saving this to my photo album.

Fun times

In foul mood cos my entry juz vanished into thin air!! My phone is driving me nuts.. Time to change when 4 comes to SG.. Hee

We're bad parents. In order to enjoy 30 minutes of TV last night (hey, it's Buffetlicious), we turned on Zach's fave DVD show on the portable player.

Look at how serious he look and his eyes is actually squinting. Hope he do not need specs soon.
Bedtime is fun time. Some days we read stories, some days we sing-a-long. Last night was funny faces on camera.

Zach nose rubbing action

Ooppss.. Think I reached the max no of photos to be uploaded!