Encore: Yuzu Chiffon Cake

School started since 02 Jan 2015 and I have been busy doing meal and snack planning for my dear boy who is in Primary 1 this year.
Planning is okay, I enjoy doing it and without me realising it I have been planning our daily dinner menu for 27 weeks! That's almost 6 months. Repeats are rare and I gave myself a pat on the back for that. :)

Stayed home yesterday and baked us a Yuzu Chiffon Cake. Read online that yuzu can be used to marinate chicken wings so I bought a bottle of yuzu from our last trip to Takashimaya for S$8.

I used the same recipe that I used when I first baked this cake and this time round, the cake was really soft and fluffy. You can see how fine the cake crumbs are. Hopefully the boys love it too.