I knew this day would come.. Zach had severe attack of wheezing last night and this morning I realized he's breathless when he talks and he's trying to catch his breath.
Sensing something is wrong, asked hb to come back n drive us to PD. Trust mother's instinct my worries came true. Dr Ee said this is quite an escalation of his usual bout of wheezing and it can be considered mild asthma attack cos of the breathlessness. Sigh.. My heart just sank!!
Recommended to nebulize him for 5 days and then he needs to be on inhaler for 2 months!!! This is prevention course. I certainly hope he's not going to be on inhaler forever.

Now as I calm down, I began to think what I did wrong.. I stopped all cold drinks, no ribena, no vitagen, no yoghurt nor cheese unless if course he took all those at nanny's place. Sigh.. What can I do abt it? There's alot of things which I don't feel happy abt like how can my son don't nap when on weekends he'll nap from 2pm - 5pm at least. Or how can she let him nap till 6pm knowing that 10.30pm he's supposed to be on bed so that he can get up well rested for school but that never happen cos he'll sleep at 12am at least.
Like this instance... Took medication at 9.30am will make him drowsy by 2pm. I picked him up at 5.30pm n I was told he din nap!!! Wow.. N now it's dinner time, my boy is snoring away.. Zzz
Drastic measure needs to be taken!!

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fibrate said...

Oh dear, let's hope he grows out of it. Try to identify triggers. Of course, sometimes no cause can be found