Long weekends

I love long weekends! It made time passes by quickly *I know I am crazy that I want time to pass! But as long as it flew past, I can look forward to my delivery and maternity leave*

I love the month of May.. Labor's Day fall on Sunday so Monday was a public holiday, Polling Day is on 7 May which we get a day off so I am flying back to Malaysia to celebrate Mother's Day with mommy dearest and at the same time utilizing the day off for Polling Day as well as additional day when I came back for testing at the wee hours! Not forgetting Zach's Sports Day is on 13 May which I am on leave again and then 17 May is Vesak Day! Woohoo..how not to love May? Muahaha

We went for our usual staycation at St Regis over the Labor Day weekend. St Regis again? Well, no choice since I get free night stay with complimentary buffet breakfast (nothing fantastic to shout about) and free usage of all their facilities with wine tasting every night..it comes with The Astor card that I signed up for and renewed for the 2nd year..will not renew it for another year since I am kinda bored with the same thing though the service was impeccable each time we stayed there..time for another membership..keke

Zach is definitely growing up fast! I can remember our first staycation, he is still a young baby that doesn't really know where he is but now, he knows we are staying in a hotel, he knows he can enjoy bubble bath, watch TV, sleep late and wake up late, swim at the pool, R&R etc.. he is practically charming everyone in the hotel! Hahaha.. He ordered his own food..sheesh..wait till he knows the price difference..hehe It is definitely a much enjoyable experience this time round and I am sure there are many more to come. :)

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