Goodbye 2009!

Welcome 2o1o! According to Lillian Too, a very well-known feng shui master Year of Tiger will not be a good year for Dragon but if we have the positive attitude and look at things at the bright side it may not be a bad year after all. Ah well... good or bad, will take all these to stride.

2009 is really an eventful year for me! In fact, from 2006 onwards, every year is an eventful one, hehehe. One person ever told me that we should always look back at what we have achieved and if what we have achieved is what we wanted. I agree to what he said. Let's see, what have I achieved in 2009:
1. Zach turns 1 month on 5th Jan 2009
2. Changed job in Oct 2009
3. Weaned Zach off breastfeeding in Nov 2009
4. Zach turns 1 year old on 5th Dec 2009
5. Yong Teck & myself held our customary at Goodwood Park Hotel on 26th Dec 2009

My 2010 Resolution:
1. Holiday at least once every quarter. That will be about 4 holidays per year. Going back to KL monthly don't count!
2. Lose some weight. If losing weight can't be achieved, at least get rid of the bye bye arm!
3. More bags and shoes? Bags difficult to justify but shoes is still possible cos I've thrown away quite a number of pairs due to 'wear & tear'
4. Keep Zach strong and healthy.. hope he will overcome his allergy fully and then mummy can save some $$ by not buying the super expensive goat's milk.
5. Own a private property at least. Looking at the property market, it will be a blessing if I can afford the downpayment even but it is still achievable if I stop spending unnecessary.
6. Work harder to earn $$$ and hopefully I will get a decent bonus in 2011!! Work resolution: Must implement 2 project in 2010..
7. Must own new gadgets, i.e. iPhone 3GS, laptop and a new camera! (sponsors are welcome!)

Welcome 2010!!! Let's all HUAT!

Home Sweet Home

Been a long time since I last posted on my own blog.. We made a trip back to Klang over the weekend that past and this time hubby manage to go back with us since he has finished his exam. No more excuses next time..heee

This trip was all about rest and relax. We had a great time taking afternoon nap, shopping at nearby mall and eating and playing rami. Woohoo..I did not lose as much as last time but still lose. Muahaha

Happy Family with the ever cheeky monster

Yummilicious champagne spare ribs

'Kam heong' crab

Chilli crab

We bought live crab on our own, my mom clean them up and we brought it to the restaurant for them to cook for us - only in Malaysia you can do that..

Looking forward to 5th Dec when it will be our Guo Da Li and Zach's first birthday celebration. Can't wait to see his cake..


Boredom is killing me...

I started with a new job early Oct, which means I am 5 weeks into it. I should be happy with this new job considering there is a pay increase and the workload is lesser than my previous 2 jobs. Why am I not?

Put it simply, the past 2 jobs that I was in, I have alot to do for one person. Easily handling 2-3 persons workload for a single pay but I am happy!! I cannot have a single minute idling.. call it crazy but that's me. Before venturing into end user environment, I was with vendor and working till 2am most of the time but I don't' mind it.. it motivates me alot. I am happier, jumping at each opportunity to start a project.

Different is to be said about my current situation. There is work-life balance. I don't need to answer calls on weekends. No emails to check, nothing to rush.. Arrggh.. I must get used to it..else it will not be long before I leave. Crazy!

Happy Birthday to Me

2008 - I was pregnant and celebrated my b'day at Ritz Carlton and watched a play at Esplanade

2009 - I have both hubby and Zachary to celebrate my 33rd birthday and we had buffet brunch at St. Regis today.

We're Family

Unlike the other buffet where there were different lines of food, only certain appetisers like the raw and cold cuts and salads were on display and of course dessert too. The servers will bring out the antipasto around. This ensure the freshness of their food.

Dessert (3 of the whole range), yoghurt sherbet, shrimp, some weird combi and my main course, scallops.

Impressive display of their desserts

Everything taste good..worth the price we paid for. We will go back there again.. hopefully during New Year's Eve.
I've been so busy lately, preparing for our customary dinner which I really find it a chore and half-kicking myself for not listening to my mom last year when she asked me not to proceed. I badly wanted to wear DC's gown and the worse thing is all has been paid for.. oh well! Stress is a good way to lose weight minus the headache and migraine that is bugging me recently.

Besides our customary, Zach's 1st birthday celebration is also a grand affair for us. He will have 2 party!!! Lucky boy.. no expenses is spared for his b'day celebration and though he may not understand it all but all the photos and videos taken will be kept and shown to him when he is older.

I can't wait for both events!!!

I am so FAT

After more than a year of not wearing my shoes and clothes, I found them kinda out-dated. I have grown considerable too, not length wise but side-ways. :( Even my shoe size went one size bigger. Some of the leather start flaking away - well, they are not leather then, probably PVC..hahaha.

I tried online shopping but only 10% of my purchases actually fits. The remaining, either sitting pretty at my wardrobe, waiting for me to lose the extra fat or I gave it to my younger sister. Lucky her..

The last straw came when I started with my new job and I had trouble finding and fitting into decent working clothes!! Arrgghh... I looked FAT!! Off to shopping.. and I came back with 3 bags of clothes - all bottoms but no tops! WAT??!!?? More shopping..haha

At last

I don't have to spend few hundreds to get a new video camera!!

Hubby bought the new iPod Nano that comes with a video recording function at the last Comex show and no prize for guessing who gets to keep it? MUA of course..hahaha cos I am the one that is always so fascinated in taking photos and videos of everything and anything. Hahaha..

It was a good investment. Now I can take photo using my iPhone or trusty going-to-die-on-me-soon Sony camera and capture those endearing moments using the come I sound like as if I am doing adv for them? Hmmphtt..

Got the silver colored one! A safer choice

Old Times

They say the relationship between a husband and wife will change once there is a little one. Did it change ours?
YES! It definitely did for me.. everything revolves around Zach. I spend a bulk of my take home pay on him - babysitter, food, toys, clothes and what not. Each time I go shopping, I will head to the nursery section. Worse, I resort to buying clothes online cos I am too lazy to shop for myself and I feel so frumpy and that makes me grumpy..hei! It rhymes..muahaha

When I am grumpy, he will be the one taking the brunt but he don't take it all without putting up a fight.

Looking back, most of our differences are quite petty and minor. Is it me that is making a mountain out of a molehill or is he trying to make a mountain into a molehill?

Things that happens the past weeks has taught me a very good lesson that we should not take things for granted, appreciate what we have, everyone is different and we are all brought up and grew up in a different environment and I should accept that I cannot keep forcing things to go my way..hmm.. how come I sound so matured?

Well.. so determine to keep the spark alive, we are going out on a date for a whole day tomorrow! Our little one will be at nanny's place while the big ones will be out shopping, eating and be merry. Just like old times..


We were at ION Orchard todae.. shopping! I am proud that I did not purchase anything for Zach. Nada! Zilch! But I spent alot on ME. It's high time I spend on myself. Actually it did not start today but from yesterday onwards. My loot so far:

1. Pair of shoes from Itti
2. Limited edition Le Pliage in Graphite
3. Ice cream bath from Sephora
4. Books from Borders
5. Chocolates from a shop in Wheelock, can't recall the name.

Overall, it was quite fun spending money like there's no tomorrow but when the bill eventually comes, then it will be "What? Did I actually spend that much?" Hahaha

More to come next week when my parents and sis are here for our food tasting. Keep a lookout for that post.

My sister's wedding

It was an event that all of us waited for! The wedding of Yi Si and David. I always believed in fate and fate brought both of them together.. I am happy for my sister because everyone around her could feel the love between them.

All of us woke up very early, barely had more than 3hrs of sleep among us. I for one took nearly few days to recover the loss of sleep. Hehehe..

We had fun playing with the groom and dinner was great!!

Deep hole

A trip to Orchard on Saturday made a big and deep hole in both our pockets. Hb spent on something necessary for our customary end of this year and we both love the purchase very much. It will take 3 to 4 weeks for the items to be ready for collection. Watch out for it.

We had dim sum lunch at East Ocean @ Shaw. Yummy yummy.. we ordered a whole table of food fit for more than 4pax but only 2 of us. We end up packing the leftover for dinner.. What's nice? Egg tart, pan-fried carrot cake, deep fried fish skin.. I must go there again.

Next stop is to buy my stuff. I have not been shopping for quite a while. I know, kicking myself at the butt. I have been shopping almost everyday, be it at the mall or online but most of the time it is buying for my precious son. It is high time mommy start spending her own money on herself. I needed to get some shoes. Well, after 9 months of not wearing some of my heels, they are either out-dated, the leather is too dull and starts to crack, it is too tight (sob to my red heels!) so I decided to get some replacements.. my shoe cabinet looks empty..oops..hahaha. Went in to Schu, I skipped Charles & Keith cos their heels are not very long lasting and comfy. I came out with 2 pairs of shoes. The 2nd pair is 50% off! What a steal.. :)

I have a very important wedding dinner to attend early Aug. My elder sis is getting married. I need to find a dress that looks nice n yet comfortable. Manage to find one at Isetan Wisma. Cost me a bomb but it made me look gorgeous! Thinking that this dress could also be worn for my tea ceremony come Dec.. at least I can split the bill into 2x hence not that throat killing.

More toys for Zach?? Yeap.. all shopping trip must include some stuff for Zach. I got him some new toys, DVDs and CDs and a book as well.. Isetan is having 20% off their toys so it is a good buy, I suppose. Aiks.. Zach's playmat is full of toys, everywhere he turn, he will hv something to play. Hahaha..

We reached home ard 7pm and I was dead tired!!! Zach was tired too..he slept like a little baby :)

Happy Father's Day

We were at Klang celebrating Father's Day! We went to Oriental Pavillion, our fave restaurant at the moment for dinner. 3 fathers were there, my grandfather, my father and Zach's father..

It was a great dinner - with good char siew, yummy double boiled soup and many more.

What did daddy get? Few things.. AX belt, Samsung handphone and a cake! Though the cake came later (because mummy left it in the office for few days) it was better late than never.

Happy family!

Our next project? Zach's 1st birthday party, our GDL and a wedding to plan..

Happy Mother's Day

May 10th marks the first year I celebrate Mother's Day. Nope, Zach's too young to be celebrating it for me but daddy will be celebrating it on his behalf. Heheh..Hubby said that's the least he could do seeing how much I have sacrificed for our only son. Well, even if he dun celebrate it with me, I am fine cos which mom would not sacrifice for their own child? The only gift I want from Zach is for him to grow up healthy and happy! Not forgetting, please poo daily. Hahaha

Hubby got me a new gadget. I kept telling him I do not need anything for Mother's Day nor anything at all at any other day but he insist on bringing me to Sony Gallery and showed me what he wanted to get me. I really wonder if he is the one that wanted it or I need it?

It's a new Sony Pocket Style PC Vaio P. My current Fujitsu lappie is onie 2 years old but I must admit the keyboard is getting abit weird..the alphabet 'P' needs extra few hit before coming out and the response time of the keyboard is killing me (hei, i m a typist hence i need fast-response keypad).

I must say this new Vaio is really cool! Slim and compact and light..I can bring it anywhere and the best thing is it fits nice into my LV or Coach bag. Needless to say, I am bowled over and hubby bought it on the spot. I chose my fave color, GREEN! The keyboard is good but the screen is really small! I must go for my LASIK soon else i will go blind playing with it. As for now, I only uses it when surfing in the room. :)

Thanks dearest!! Took loads of pix before, during and after our lunch buffet at Straits Cafe. Enjoy..
Family pix - Zach's too distracted by the TV

Quick Updates

Started work but couldn't seem to get the momentum going! Wanted to do so much but somehow the mind is not with the body. Body is at office, mind is with Zach at his infantcare. This is bad.. Gotten our bonus though it is lesser than what I've got last year but I'm not complaining cos as long as there is $$ in my account, I am happy. No increment though..shucks! Nearly 2 years without increment..Arrgghhh..

Resume expressing milk for Zach. It's a tiring affair but I know I can do it. It was quite stress expressing at work, having to absence myself every 3 hrs (I am pumping every 3hrs to get the supply up) for 45minutes. Milk isn't flowing out smoothly and Zach is increasing his milk intake daily..first it was 150ml every 4hrs then 160ml every 4hrs then 170ml and now 180ml!!! Crazy or what... I need to pump like 4x a day in order to meet his demand and I could sense my boss is not very happy about it. Sigh.. I prepared myself to resign so that I could stay home and pump exclusively for few months just to stock up on frozen breastmilk that can last Zach for few more weeks or months (depending). I talked to her (my boss) and I was pleasantly surprised that she actually allow me to take leave to stay home and pump and come back when I am ready!!! Happy happy.. milk supply went up as well!! I am not going to give up anytime soon.. drinking papaya fish soup with pork ribs, steam cod fish, fish slice soup, warm soya milk, milo, fenugreek! Doing all I can to up my supply.. the result is showing soon and I am positive about it.

We're going to Genting next Fri!! It's been years since I last went there. Come to think of it, not that long, max 3 years? Hmm... it will be Zach's first holiday trip with his parents and hubby will be driving there with his parents n bro. Wonder will he let me drive..itching to drive on the highway. So many to pack for Zach and my mind is alr working on what to bring etc. Hubby say just bring the whole house along.

I watched a few movies on my iPod during expressing - Marley & Me, Bride Wars Out, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. All of them were nice and it was especially so for Marley & Me. It was so touching that I cried n cried in the end. Now that is the main reason hubby do not want me to get a dog!! I will be too sad if something were to happen to it. Oh well.. wait till Zach ask him for one in future.. mummy will psycho him to ask daddy to get one. Haha

Counting down

Four business day to me returning to work! Am I looking forward to it? Well.. I am kinda bored staying at home and it is mounting up when Zach is sleeping. Of course when he is awake, I will give him undevoted and undivided attention..hehe. He was at the infantcare last week from Monday to Thursday for 1/2 day session each time and most of the time I was at office clearing emails and once went for my pampering session. Finally I got my manicure and pedicure!!

Went shopping yesterday with hope of getting some business shirt for work. Most of my working shirt cannot be buttoned up at my boobs area. On the other hand I shouldn't get new shirts since I will prob stop breastfeeding in another 10 weeks and by then I hope my breast will shrink back to its pre-pregnancy size..hehe. At the end of the shopping trip, I am poorer by few hundred cos I bought a Kate Spade wallet, 2 pairs of shoes at Charles & Keith both items that are not in my shopping list!

Next stop is Borders and hubby splurge on books for Zach.. we wanna rub off our reading habit to our son!

A Wedding and A Duck

Sunday 16th March 2009 is hubby's bestie wedding which the dinner will be held at M Hotel. Since hb will be one of the brother, we reckon he will be too drunk to drive home after the dinner and hence we booked a room at the hotel to stay for a nite.

Daddy & Zach relaxing after Zach's feed

Lots to pack when you have a baby.. instead of a handcarry bag, we use a luggage instead. Alot of in case is taken into consideration during I end up bringing alot of Zach's barang barang. Even my bag looks like his play bag - all his toys is in there.

Zach still relaxing when daddy is checking us in

Let mummy take a photo with her precious darling

The hotel room is very nice and clean and spacious and we are impressed! Who get to check out the big bed first? Zach of course..haha and he sure enjoys it.

Zach enjoying the king size bed

Zach wants to test the firmness of the mattress by flipping! Good mattress and comfy bedsheet

Got Zach a inflatable duck tub. Lately he's been very fond of ducks cos mummy bought rubber ducks meant for his bathing time and each time during his bathe session, mummy will sing

Four little ducks went out one day
Over the hill and far away
Mother duck says 'Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack!'
But only three little ducks came back

Zach n his duckie - thanks Unc Jack for blowing this up

The wedding was very nice and I lurve the deco and the black & red theme. How I wish my parents will allow us to have black theme as well.. I am thinking of black & gold & red theme but hb gave me a surprise last night on our wedding theme. Kudos to him for putting thought on it.. love him to bits..

Family pix - too bad Zach is flinging his hands ard..will wait for nicer pix!

Such busy weekend

It was a long time since I last spend for more than 4hrs at shopping mall. It happened again yesterday as my family came down to Singapore - to visit Zachary and to some serious shopping to help stimulate the economy. Hahaha..

The moment they reached Singapore, we headed to Orchard and elder sis bought a solitaire at a very very good price. Gemalogist told me diamond price went down which is good *hint to hb..* haha

Sunday was shopping day again.. since Zach do not wake up early, all of them left to Compass Point for breakfast and when they came back, Zach is still sleeping..that sleepy head. They waited till quite restless and decided to take an MRT to Suntec first. Who knows, we reached before them (we left the house immediately after Zach woke up).. time check, 1.30pm! First stop, Gap where mummy went crazee seeing those cute rompers and shirts. Grabbed a few pieces and daddy was standing beside her couldnt believe his eyes seeing the amount displayed at the cash register. Oh well..I guess I hv to put aside my intention of shoe buying frenzy till 1 month later.

All the cute shirt and rompers mummy bought - I love the orange & blue striped romper

Hungry and lunch was at Sakae. My dear son must have realised alot of people are around him so he fusses alot and everyone in my family is so eager to pick him up and carry him! These 2 days must be his happiest cos the moment he opens his eyes, someone will be there to carry him..jia lat for mummy.

Grandparents with Ah Yi

Zach with his teether

More shopping follows - dresses, shoes etc etc and dinner was at Tony Romas. Our table were the noisiest cos we were all talking about Aileen's upcoming wedding dinner in August and very funny.. time check: 9.30pm. Asked for the bill and came up to $300!! Wah.. such expensive dinner but thanks to my future bro in-law that picked up the tab..hehe

Family pix before the rest arrive

Roma feast shared between me and hb

Zach was happy to be home and had a good wash down! I musn't bring him out shopping too much else he will make it a habit..keke
Total hours spent at City Hall: 8hours
Total amount spent at City Hall: $xxx
and none of the money spent is on mummy or's all for Zach!
Oh..I almost forgot to mention that we bought a yellow Bumbo seat for Zach - he can't sit properly yet hence it is in our store at the moment. Shall let him try again one month later. Keep a look out for his photo then.

Hey Valentine!

This is a super duper backdated entry - 7 days in exact!

Yong Teck and myself never celebrated V Day even during our dating days hence this day is nothing much - I am not expecting anything even a rose and he definitely not expecting anything from me cos I don't really like celebrating V Day to begin with..

He flew in from Singapore in the morning of 14th and surprised me with a stalk of rose made from chocolate which means it is edible! Hahaha... What did we do the whole day? He sleep of course while I play with our son.

This is how Zach loves grandma to carry him

Dinner was with the whole family at Mid Valley - so that all can spend quality time together before the 3 of us fly back to SG the next day.

One minute a happy boy

And he has grown all quiet - trying to fall asleep

The saddest person(s) of course will have to be my parents. I can feel that my mom wants to cry when bidding farewell to her grandson whom she has grown so fond of because Zach always chit chat with my parents. Zach too seems to understand it and he was super moody throughout the whole farewell process! Thankfully there is Skype..haha Zach's tech savvy!

Grandparents with moody Zach

Peaceful Zach

Chinese New Year

This year mark a very special Chinese New Year for both the Tans and Khors. This year we have a new family member joining the celebration! Zachary Tan, our son, their first grandson, first nephew. Hee

Our son's first captured on camera smile

In order for Zach to grow closer to both set of family, me and hubby have agreed beforehand to alternate the celebration every year. This year will start with my family and next year will be his. It is a win-win situation.

Chinese New Year back at my place is always a grand affair! Mom will cook alot of dishes for offerings and subsequently it goes into our tummy.. ahh..well-fed! Then everyday we will head to restaurants for dinner. There are so many things to celebrate, grandpa's birthday, uncle's birthday, someone in the family won lotsa dough in gambling (in few Ks so I guess there are big losers as well).

The good food - I must learn how to make 'ngoh hiang' from my mom

Yummy steamboat dinner on 7th day of lunar new year

Mouth-watering pork rib at Crystal Crown Hotel

How can I forget the fireworks! My camera is not sophisticated enough to capture the beautiful fireworks but I am full of anticipation for Zach and hb to enjoy it next year..

This year will also be a very busy year for myself. I have to enjoy every moment watching Zach grow up, I have a wedding to plan, I have to plan for holidays for 3 of us..YES! Our first family holiday.. I can't wait.
What more can I ask for? I am a happy wife and a proud mommy to Zach.