Happy Birthday to Me

2008 - I was pregnant and celebrated my b'day at Ritz Carlton and watched a play at Esplanade

2009 - I have both hubby and Zachary to celebrate my 33rd birthday and we had buffet brunch at St. Regis today.

We're Family

Unlike the other buffet where there were different lines of food, only certain appetisers like the raw and cold cuts and salads were on display and of course dessert too. The servers will bring out the antipasto around. This ensure the freshness of their food.

Dessert (3 of the whole range), yoghurt sherbet, shrimp, some weird combi and my main course, scallops.

Impressive display of their desserts

Everything taste good..worth the price we paid for. We will go back there again.. hopefully during New Year's Eve.
I've been so busy lately, preparing for our customary dinner which I really find it a chore and half-kicking myself for not listening to my mom last year when she asked me not to proceed. I badly wanted to wear DC's gown and the worse thing is all has been paid for.. oh well! Stress is a good way to lose weight minus the headache and migraine that is bugging me recently.

Besides our customary, Zach's 1st birthday celebration is also a grand affair for us. He will have 2 party!!! Lucky boy.. no expenses is spared for his b'day celebration and though he may not understand it all but all the photos and videos taken will be kept and shown to him when he is older.

I can't wait for both events!!!

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