Incompetent fools

Hate my job! Really hate it to the core..cos I have to deal with whole bunch of incompetent fools! How come my ex-boss theory of money can buy talent does not apply to this large organization that always seems to be spending tens of thousands or millions of dollars into technology that seems to be outdated or worse..supporting talent that do not give any support at all..

Yummy Yummy

Left these out from my last post..

Shark fin soup!

After dinner drink topped with yoghurt - the healthier choice!

I am hungry...

Travelogue: Bangkok

This trip really started off bad..I received an SMS from Jetstar informing us that the flight was delayed till 1.15pm! Supposed to be 11plus am..we were so excited abt going to BKK and thinking that earlier flight could mean more time to shop! Essentially, this only left us with 1 3/4 day in!

Us waiting to board the plane to BKK

We immediately checked into our hotel upon reaching BKK and wasted no time to hit MBK! Did not buy much exccept for 2 big packets of snacks, 2 pairs of shoes! are dirt cheap in BKK. BHT150 per pair ~ SGD7. Heart will not ache if it spoils within a month, though I am hoping they don't. Hahaha

Super single bed!

Lazing before shopping!

BKK is so different from 2 years ago when hubby & I were there, especially Novotel area. Not sure if it is due to the burnt down mall during the recent riots, there are so many peddlers selling their wares on the street which wasn't there the previous time. However, I do not find the items are cheaper than before though it was supposed to be the Great Thailand Sale! I wonder...

Yummilicious dinner + Tom Yum Goong

I had tom yam goong 3 days in a row, some days twice a day till I thought I was having gastric on the last day of our trip.. :p

It was my first time visiting Platinum though I was being told or read about its existence few years back. Somehow always did not manage to locate that building..double boo! This time round, we took a cab..and we were told that it is only opened at 10am till 5pm but on the last day, we saw that they opened from 8am - 8pm..ceh, got smoked.

Need energy to shop? Have a hearty breakfast!

We had aromatherapy massage on Day 2 at Healthland.. super duper shiok and it is pretty affordable at BHT850! I must try others as I really wanted to do some scrub and serious feet massage too..keke. Pressing for time, hit the malls to get Wacoal/Triumph, most Singaporeans highlight whenever trips to BKK is made..muahaha. Did not get many except 1 from Morgan and few undies. I need to revamp my undies dept once every few

Us before having our tight knots removed by the experienced masseuse

Our loots from 1 day of shopping! Luckily we did not exceed the baggage weight!

The last day was the worst day! We woke up early to hit Platinum Mall again to get some last minute stuff and rushed back to hotel to check out etc.

Our flight back to SG is 1.20pm..reached the airport, counter was not opened YET (we were told..) then one lady told us our flight was CANCELLED! and the next available one is 9pm..I really got a shock..near to disbelief. I am not going to wait 9hrs in the airport doing nothing..not that we have much moolah left. No books or magz to read..Angry! Called their call center only to have the calls disconnected TWICE!

Bye Bye BKK!

Finally, we paid additional $200 odd for Tiger Airways and managed to reached home by 6.30pm! I miss my little cheeky monster!! Such a darling..shall blog about our experience at Modesto's. Lol..

This trip was overall fun albeit rush! At least I have a decent 2-night sleep on a very good bed with 3 plush pillows and warm comforter..muahaha

Planning another trip soon..and will unveil a surprise pretty soon!
Stay tuned...

Cath Kitston

I was shopping during lunch time and I spotted this beauty!
At the same time another customer was 'bio-ing' the same bag (only 1 piece).
After pondering for 10 minutes, I decided to juz close one eyes and purchase it!