We were at ION Orchard todae.. shopping! I am proud that I did not purchase anything for Zach. Nada! Zilch! But I spent alot on ME. It's high time I spend on myself. Actually it did not start today but from yesterday onwards. My loot so far:

1. Pair of shoes from Itti
2. Limited edition Le Pliage in Graphite
3. Ice cream bath from Sephora
4. Books from Borders
5. Chocolates from a shop in Wheelock, can't recall the name.

Overall, it was quite fun spending money like there's no tomorrow but when the bill eventually comes, then it will be "What? Did I actually spend that much?" Hahaha

More to come next week when my parents and sis are here for our food tasting. Keep a lookout for that post.

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