Old Times

They say the relationship between a husband and wife will change once there is a little one. Did it change ours?
YES! It definitely did for me.. everything revolves around Zach. I spend a bulk of my take home pay on him - babysitter, food, toys, clothes and what not. Each time I go shopping, I will head to the nursery section. Worse, I resort to buying clothes online cos I am too lazy to shop for myself and I feel so frumpy and that makes me grumpy..hei! It rhymes..muahaha

When I am grumpy, he will be the one taking the brunt but he don't take it all without putting up a fight.

Looking back, most of our differences are quite petty and minor. Is it me that is making a mountain out of a molehill or is he trying to make a mountain into a molehill?

Things that happens the past weeks has taught me a very good lesson that we should not take things for granted, appreciate what we have, everyone is different and we are all brought up and grew up in a different environment and I should accept that I cannot keep forcing things to go my way..hmm.. how come I sound so matured?

Well.. so determine to keep the spark alive, we are going out on a date for a whole day tomorrow! Our little one will be at nanny's place while the big ones will be out shopping, eating and be merry. Just like old times..

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