Counting down

Four business day to me returning to work! Am I looking forward to it? Well.. I am kinda bored staying at home and it is mounting up when Zach is sleeping. Of course when he is awake, I will give him undevoted and undivided attention..hehe. He was at the infantcare last week from Monday to Thursday for 1/2 day session each time and most of the time I was at office clearing emails and once went for my pampering session. Finally I got my manicure and pedicure!!

Went shopping yesterday with hope of getting some business shirt for work. Most of my working shirt cannot be buttoned up at my boobs area. On the other hand I shouldn't get new shirts since I will prob stop breastfeeding in another 10 weeks and by then I hope my breast will shrink back to its pre-pregnancy size..hehe. At the end of the shopping trip, I am poorer by few hundred cos I bought a Kate Spade wallet, 2 pairs of shoes at Charles & Keith both items that are not in my shopping list!

Next stop is Borders and hubby splurge on books for Zach.. we wanna rub off our reading habit to our son!

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