Chinese New Year

Final week to CNY 2012! Cleaning & washing are on-going coupled with we just move in hence loads to wash n clean. The room is in a mess!! I better get my act together n tidy it up.
I found some time over the past weekend to bake some cookies. Nothing fanciful, just bak kwa cube. It's pretty easy - cutting bak kwa into bite size and mixed into any pastry - I used pineapple tart pastry for it's melt-in the mouth experience.

This was so much easier to shape compared to my first attempt.

Haha.. The above turn out to be like Texas Chicken's biscuit. It's still nice because I used cream cheese and cream as part of the ingredients - FAT!
I'm looking forward to flying back on 1st day of CNY! Will be home till the 9th day of CNY.. Yahoo!!
Till next update..

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