CNY Outfits

I started my buying frenzy for CNY outfits from October onwards!!?! Some of them are from - a very affordable and good quality site for wide array of brands of dresses.
Top from Traffic People

Asos Bandeau Jumpsuit
Of course, I do get a few pieces from my regular place - Chinatown where I shopped mostly for my work dresses. I bought about 5 pieces the last time I went and so far wore 2 of them to work and left few pieces for me to wear when I start work on the 10th day of CNY.. keke
Of late, Robinsons also carry some pretty decent looking clothes that don't look too aunty-ish esp brands like Oasis, Core and Collette. I bought a few pieces during their member's preview sale..
In total, I have about 10 outfits to last me throughout the 10 days of leave..hahaha


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