I feel like a diva yesterday.. went to a hair salon to get my hair fixed! I have been going to hair salon quite frequent these day. Everytime I meet my colleagues or customer they will say "Wah.. everytime I see you, you look different.." Wahahhaa...
This time round, I went for re-bonding. I wanted a natural straight look which A Cut Above gave me previously but apparently this new salon do not know what I was talking about and soon gave me an ultra flat hair..kekeke.. 2 ppl fussing over me, drying my hair, ironing it. A real DIVA in making..hahah
After 3 hours sitting in the salon, we went for quick lunch with my parents then off to check out the progress of our house.
The wet work is more or less done, we now need to select tiles for the kitchen and car porch.. saw a few design that we love, but need to source for a better quality and cheaper one.

The main porch..note the ugly beam, they need to fix it. Dirty hall and the enlarged door
Me and my younger sis decides to pamper ourself further by going for manicures, the quality is not that good compared to those I did in SG but better than nothing... cost me RM34 just for 30minutes shape and polish..
Continuation from True Yoga saga.. the lady did not call me back despite all her promises. I got fed up and took leave on Monday to go down to CASE and lodge a complain. I called CASE on Saturday and they said I have a good case against them..at least make me feel better...
I also got some good news from One Rochester. Need some time adjustment so we will be bringing our ceremony earlier in the morning towards lunch..its not a bad thing cos if our house is ready by then, we will have a housewarming party at night.. then we can invite more guests as well..hehehe
Fingers crossed that I will have a smooth sailing weeks ahead.. will be bored though cos YT will be going for 2-weeks reservist!! *Sad*

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