So freaking bored in office.. ORD mood. MSN is banned again.. I can't chat with my sisters then..can't discuss stuff with my colleagues. What could be worse???
We more or less settled on our housing loan. Will get in-principal approval by tonight..Hooray!
I need to start getting hardworking.. renovation work will be tough and to make it tougher, I am starting a new job pretty soon, which will make me super duper busy!
As if there is not enough worries going ard my life now, One Rochester emailed me saying that one of her colleagues confirmed a wedding on the same day as our solemnization!! Arrggh.. and I thought we have settled on the venue! Now, I have to source for an alternative..
All these makes me sick that I ate 4 chicken wings from IKEA at one go on Tuesday..I usually wanted to eat sinful stuff when I am stressed or down..

And I have decided to stop yoga once and for all.. fed up of those services that they provide. Its gonna get lengthy if I post it here so I rather not.. one word of caution,
Don't sign up with True Yoga.. they sucks! BIG TIME!!!

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