Proud moments

This weekend is indeed a very fruitful one.. I was busy on Saturday from the moment I woke up. As usual, it's my turn doing housework, and I woke up at freaking 7am to scrub the toilet, wash tonnes and tonnes of clothes! It could be about 8kg of clothes that took a good 45minutes to wash and another 50 minutes to rinse and spin.. I am very very particular about how my clothes should smell.. haha..
Then its time to take a nice long shower and get myself dolled up for Oskar's wedding, put on some last minute facial, dress selection.. make up and worse nightmare, what shoe to wear! Hehehe.. it was a wedding lunch. Abit rush cos it was delayed for almost an hour and the restaurant closes at 4pm to get ready for dinner, hence I could not really enjoy the food..the final dish which is the dessert is sumthing I have been looking forward for, orr nee..hehe
We head to Central Mall cos there is this promotion going on on wedding planners. We got ourself a pair of wedding bands, due for collection in 6 weeks time. Another item to strike off our list. We are a pair of lazy ppl, once settled on that, we decided to go for some coffee @ Raffles City and check out Coach sale which is nothing to shout about. I can get better offer elsewhere..
It was a game of mahjong next with YT and his parents.. both of us as usual lost to the old folks..darn! We never won, and we thought of recouping loss via gin rummy next but still lost!!! Gave up..
Sunday was even more packed and eventful. Dim sum breakfast at Chinatown, Borders at Wheelock, Punggol for house vieweing.. we confirmed on one unit in Punggol, good unit, just what I had in mind, peaceful, quiet and facing greeneries. Best of all, it has a balcony!!! We got so excited that YT bought several home reno magz to browse! hahaha... it was very exciting, owning our first home together, discussing reno, having differences in many things.. we even visited Best Denki to look at LCD TV..that is the top priority at the moment!

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