Great Singapore Sale!

It's the time of the year when hordes of ppl throngs to Orchard Road, City Hall and the brand new Vivo City because its GSS!!
My mom and sis came down to Singapore solely for some serious shopping. I mean realllll serious shopping. Boy, was I tired walking the whole day..hahaha. Sign of old age.
We had futsal game on Friday night with some of my team members and OCBC folks.. lasted till 11pm and then we went to Geylang for dinner/supper. By the time I reach home and hit the sack, its 2am in the morning. In my mind I had planned to wake up ard 9-ish so that we can leave the house ard 10-ish. By 8.30am, I was asked to wake up, leave the house at 9.30am.. we went to Bugis for prayers then breakfast at Bugis Junction. Mind you, the shops are not even opened yet! Gosh..
This is the famous dessert that has the main branch in Chinatown - Mango & Herbal Jelly, Beancurd with Ginger, Black Sesame Paste and Steamed Egg White with Ginger

We went to City Hall supposedly to transfer train to Orchard but got stucked in Suntec where we bought lots of stuff. Hahaha.. have not reached the target destination and our hands are full.
We walked n walked, went to Goodwood Park for their famous Durian Fiesta.. yummy!
I took a break to go down to True Yoga to settle some stuff (which I had posted previously).. all these stuff abt True Yoga really made me frustrated for the past 3 weeks. Poor YT and my family have to suffer from my constant anger and frustration. I am so short tempered..
I met up with my family after that stint of confrontation only to find them loaded with more shopping bags! Luckily YT is there to help them carry. Sadly, I am the only one without shopping bags.. don't have the mood to buy, all cause of True Yoga. Lousy..
We went to Fish & Co for dinner..the queue is exceptionally long.. my legs was aching from all the walking and standing.. I must comment that the service provided by this restaurant in Paragon is good.. even though its full house, they are prompt in their service! Thumbs up.
Sunday as usual is more shopping, this time at Tampines Mall, additional shoes, clothes, a new hair cut and this time I bought myself a waist trimmer..hehehe, notice that my butt is huge! Kekeke.. My younger sis spent a bomb here..I guess when the shopaholic mood kicks in, its all spend spend spend..
We finally exercised the Option to Purchase and our first appt will be in Sept.. this only means we will not have the house by year end! Sad but on the bright side, I will have a new house before CNY.. can have mahjong sessions with my frens! Hehehe... so excited.
Yong Teck took some pics and I will post them up separately so stay tune!

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