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Finally gotten hold of the pictures taken from our new place... we were so tired over the weekend, running from one designer to another, repeating the same old story all over again. There are a few that we were quite impressed. We even approached a contractor uncle, just to get the feel of how different their approach is..and it is really different. The uncle actually calculated everything up to the milimetre. I am impressed!! Next in line is the quotation and layout plan proposed and then we will narrow down to maybe 3 or 4 designer and then refer to their 3D drawing to make a decision.. I love being a customer for once.. hahaha

I tried my hands at cooking 2weeks ago. YT gave me a challenge to cook his favourite curry chicken. I told him that it sounds easy, buying some chilli paste and coconut milk and mix them with chicken, I'll get curry chicken. I even consulted my mom.. hehehe. Wrong answer.. I musn't buy chilli paste, I must buy curry paste instead!
On that fateful day, I have half chicken, one packet of 500ml coconut, 1 packet of curry paste, 2 shallots, water. Heated the pot, yeap, I did not use a wok to cook, cos I don't have one, so I used the pot which I always use to cook my instant noodle instead! Wrong move no.1!!!
I put in too little oil, the fire is too big.. Wrong move no.2!!
Before I could cook the shallots, alot of smoke came out. Nvr mind, under control.. in went the chicken.. the spatula used is bigger than the pot's mouth..hahaha.. I have reallllll difficult time stirring the chicken. Wrong move no.3!!
In went the curry paste. I notice how little that paste is.. insufficient. Wrong move no.4!! I add in some water and when the chicken is abt the cook, I decided to pour in the coconut milk.. now this is the fun part.
According to recipe, we are supposed to add in 440ml of coconut milk, but the one I bought is 500ml. The smarter side of me thought that I can juz agak agak to pour the coconut milk..hehe.. before even reaching 100ml, I saw the curry turn from yellow to white!!! TOO MUCH COCONUT! Darn.. it's not even close to 440ml.. It is definitely the coconut milk's fault..
I turn off the gas and dash across the street to Shop N Save to buy another packet of curry paste.. I was in such rush, I bought one with coconut milk included!! Coconut overdose..
Calm cool compose...hahahaha, I poured away the earlier curry gravy and add in the new curry paste..add in some water and here is the end result:

It still look like curry to me, taste like curry, except the chicken wasn't cooked 100%.. Wahahahaha... the curry seems to be full of coconut.
I will have to try again next time! Kampatei..
P/S: YT gave me 4 upon 5.. not bad leh..

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