A Wedding and A Duck

Sunday 16th March 2009 is hubby's bestie wedding which the dinner will be held at M Hotel. Since hb will be one of the brother, we reckon he will be too drunk to drive home after the dinner and hence we booked a room at the hotel to stay for a nite.

Daddy & Zach relaxing after Zach's feed

Lots to pack when you have a baby.. instead of a handcarry bag, we use a luggage instead. Alot of in case is taken into consideration during packing..so I end up bringing alot of Zach's barang barang. Even my bag looks like his play bag - all his toys is in there.

Zach still relaxing when daddy is checking us in

Let mummy take a photo with her precious darling

The hotel room is very nice and clean and spacious and we are impressed! Who get to check out the big bed first? Zach of course..haha and he sure enjoys it.

Zach enjoying the king size bed

Zach wants to test the firmness of the mattress by flipping! Good mattress and comfy bedsheet

Got Zach a inflatable duck tub. Lately he's been very fond of ducks cos mummy bought rubber ducks meant for his bathing time and each time during his bathe session, mummy will sing

Four little ducks went out one day
Over the hill and far away
Mother duck says 'Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack!'
But only three little ducks came back

Zach n his duckie - thanks Unc Jack for blowing this up

The wedding was very nice and I lurve the deco and the black & red theme. How I wish my parents will allow us to have black theme as well.. I am thinking of black & gold & red theme but hb gave me a surprise last night on our wedding theme. Kudos to him for putting thought on it.. love him to bits..

Family pix - too bad Zach is flinging his hands ard..will wait for nicer pix!

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