Such busy weekend

It was a long time since I last spend for more than 4hrs at shopping mall. It happened again yesterday as my family came down to Singapore - to visit Zachary and to some serious shopping to help stimulate the economy. Hahaha..

The moment they reached Singapore, we headed to Orchard and elder sis bought a solitaire at a very very good price. Gemalogist told me diamond price went down which is good *hint to hb..* haha

Sunday was shopping day again.. since Zach do not wake up early, all of them left to Compass Point for breakfast and when they came back, Zach is still sleeping..that sleepy head. They waited till quite restless and decided to take an MRT to Suntec first. Who knows, we reached before them (we left the house immediately after Zach woke up).. time check, 1.30pm! First stop, Gap where mummy went crazee seeing those cute rompers and shirts. Grabbed a few pieces and daddy was standing beside her couldnt believe his eyes seeing the amount displayed at the cash register. Oh well..I guess I hv to put aside my intention of shoe buying frenzy till 1 month later.

All the cute shirt and rompers mummy bought - I love the orange & blue striped romper

Hungry and lunch was at Sakae. My dear son must have realised alot of people are around him so he fusses alot and everyone in my family is so eager to pick him up and carry him! These 2 days must be his happiest cos the moment he opens his eyes, someone will be there to carry him..jia lat for mummy.

Grandparents with Ah Yi

Zach with his teether

More shopping follows - dresses, shoes etc etc and dinner was at Tony Romas. Our table were the noisiest cos we were all talking about Aileen's upcoming wedding dinner in August and very funny.. time check: 9.30pm. Asked for the bill and came up to $300!! Wah.. such expensive dinner but thanks to my future bro in-law that picked up the tab..hehe

Family pix before the rest arrive

Roma feast shared between me and hb

Zach was happy to be home and had a good wash down! I musn't bring him out shopping too much else he will make it a habit..keke
Total hours spent at City Hall: 8hours
Total amount spent at City Hall: $xxx
and none of the money spent is on mummy or's all for Zach!
Oh..I almost forgot to mention that we bought a yellow Bumbo seat for Zach - he can't sit properly yet hence it is in our store at the moment. Shall let him try again one month later. Keep a look out for his photo then.

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