Deep hole

A trip to Orchard on Saturday made a big and deep hole in both our pockets. Hb spent on something necessary for our customary end of this year and we both love the purchase very much. It will take 3 to 4 weeks for the items to be ready for collection. Watch out for it.

We had dim sum lunch at East Ocean @ Shaw. Yummy yummy.. we ordered a whole table of food fit for more than 4pax but only 2 of us. We end up packing the leftover for dinner.. What's nice? Egg tart, pan-fried carrot cake, deep fried fish skin.. I must go there again.

Next stop is to buy my stuff. I have not been shopping for quite a while. I know, kicking myself at the butt. I have been shopping almost everyday, be it at the mall or online but most of the time it is buying for my precious son. It is high time mommy start spending her own money on herself. I needed to get some shoes. Well, after 9 months of not wearing some of my heels, they are either out-dated, the leather is too dull and starts to crack, it is too tight (sob to my red heels!) so I decided to get some replacements.. my shoe cabinet looks empty..oops..hahaha. Went in to Schu, I skipped Charles & Keith cos their heels are not very long lasting and comfy. I came out with 2 pairs of shoes. The 2nd pair is 50% off! What a steal.. :)

I have a very important wedding dinner to attend early Aug. My elder sis is getting married. I need to find a dress that looks nice n yet comfortable. Manage to find one at Isetan Wisma. Cost me a bomb but it made me look gorgeous! Thinking that this dress could also be worn for my tea ceremony come Dec.. at least I can split the bill into 2x hence not that throat killing.

More toys for Zach?? Yeap.. all shopping trip must include some stuff for Zach. I got him some new toys, DVDs and CDs and a book as well.. Isetan is having 20% off their toys so it is a good buy, I suppose. Aiks.. Zach's playmat is full of toys, everywhere he turn, he will hv something to play. Hahaha..

We reached home ard 7pm and I was dead tired!!! Zach was tired too..he slept like a little baby :)

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