Life, Death or Work?

I must say this CNY is the worst I have in my 31 years of living. I was sick from Day 3 onwards and I thought I was okay on Day 4 when I went Mt Faber for dinner but how wrong was I.
I looked forward to celebrating 'Ren Ri' with my family with us going out for dinner with all my extended family and YT joining us on Saturday and my mom's cooking on Sunday and meeting up with my brother who is away in Mexico on Monday. How wrong was I.
On Friday, after lunch, I had a very bad tummy ache. I rushed myself to the toilet to relieve myself. I thought nothing of it, but come 4.30pm, my stomach cramped till I nearly slumped on the desk. I took my NETs card and phone and rush myself to the nearest clinic, knowing that they closes at 5.30pm. My pain is so excruciating, I can't describe. The doctor even asked me to give her some urine but my pain is too much, urine can't even come out. When I return from the toilet, the clinic is closing. She said I have to admit myself to Changi Hospital immediately for a scan. Suspect it is either appendicitus or ovary cyst.
I can't think straight. No IC with me, no cash, how to get myself to the hospital? I called YT to rush some cash over.. stoopid dear, din even accompany me to the clinic. I was left alone!!
Some scan shows that I have an ovarian cyst which causes infection that in turn causes me to have fever and some cold shivers. I was admitted to hospital which later transferred me to KK Women's Hospital.
There was I, spending 3 days in the hospital, in IV drips, getting injections 3 times a day, being disturbed every few hours for pressure, temperature check.. I was at their mercy. It was so boring at the hospital, but at least dear was with me most of the time.. he's such a gem, even bought me a bouquet of flower! Let me tell u abt the flower.. it was the first bouquet he bought me. Not even a valentine bouquet. He said that way, I will remember it forever.. how lame! Hahaha..
Anyway, I am given hospital leave for 2 weeks but do not foresee myself taking such long break. 2 days at home, and I am bored.. nothing to do, lie the whole day. The medicine taking is taking a toll on me. Each time I have to take the medicines (like a whole lot of them), I dread thinking I may vomit them out again.. vomitting is such a dreadful experience! I need an operation but that will have to be another month.. I m really hoping that cyst is benign which doctor told me is usually 99% cancer free but another bad news was delivered is that I have a polyps along my uterus wall. That will have to be removed as well. It sounded serious and I really am worried.. I can only hope for the best..
"Polyps are usually benign but some of them could turn into cancer after a long time. Polyps are growths from the tissue where there’s a mucosal membrane. When they are small, they usually don’t cause any trouble but if they big, they certainly could. If they grow in the cervix (beginning of the uterus) or uterus lining, they could cause vaginal bleeding and even impair fertility and cause miscarriage. The risks of developing colon polyps increase if you are over 50, have a family history of polyps or colon cancer but also if you eat a lot of fatty food, smoke, drink, are overweight and don’t exercise."


Junnie Chen said...

OMG! Are you feeling okay now girl? Sorry to hear about this especially during cny. I am sure you got all ur beloved ones worried lerr. I'll pray for your early recovery..take good care of yourself. When will you be back to KL?

Life Journey said...

Alredi in Klang now.. my dad n mom came down yesterday to pick me. I must have gotten them really worried!