CNY Dinner

We had our first CNY dinner last Saturday at Jade Restaurant, Fullerton Hotel. There were a total of 20 ppl, supposedly a treat from the PS team to the other team members as our token of appreciation. However, the budget everyone gave is so pathetically little that they can only pay for themselves and no one else. I have to foot the rest. No complains. That's the role of PM ah...
Food was good leh. Lobster yu sheng, shark fin soup, fried pork rib (which I must stress one more time, the meat was the most tender I've eaten), abalone, rice and bird's nest as dessert. Of these dishes, the shark fin soup is the best! Chicken broth with lotsa shark fin, conpoy, shrimps.. yummy!!! was boiled in pumpkins, which makes it extra special.
All the above comes with a price of course. If I have more dough to spare, I will not mind spending my family to have such luxurious food..but I will still be spending them.. just not in Fullerton Hotel..hehe
The weather is soooo hot nowadays. Sign of CNY approaching but somehow it doesn't seem like CNY to me. My head is throbbing now. Falling sick soon.. I need lotsa lotsa water. I have been drinking like gallons of water over the weekend. The moment I came out from the toilet, less than an hour, I need the loo again. But it's good to clear the bladder..hahaha make them work harder!

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