Chinese New Year Part II

As usual, CNY is a time for gorging. I stuffed myself silly with loads of bak kwa, pineapple tarts, oranges, 100+, etc etc etc.
It's the only time of the year when we will have bak kwa and soft drinks at home.
On the eve of CNY, my mom cooked plenty of food.. as usual, there is fish, wu xiang, steam chicken, leek, curry chicken, soup and sea cucumber with mushroom. All are delicious..especially the wu xiang, which is my mom's best dish..hehehe.. I ate all the mushrooms cos most of my family members dun really take mushrooms except me, in return, no one will ask me to eat the fish, leek and sea cucumber cos I never eaten those before and dun intend to try it either..scary!!! Hahaha..

The pot of pig's stomach soup - my favourite!

Uncooked prawns - which I took only 1

We have our usual prayers at 12am.. while waiting, that is the time when all cookies will be brought out, I will be eating bak kwa non-stop.. dad bought 4pcs of fire crackers from some underworld gang..hahaha... we lighted up 2 of them on 'chu xi' and save 2 more for 'tin kong' this coming Sunday. Hehehe.. we are not the only one lighting up crackers..most of my neighbour does so.

The prayers offering

My dad with his prized firecrackers!!

Pretty gals from Khor family..hehe

Lucky for me, I still get loads of red packet this year. Everyone is very generous, RM20, RM10..heheh.. no RM5 this year. My parents were the most generous, giving us such auspicious figure for red packet. I must give them more when my next 50% bonus is out. The money will be used to pay for the housing loan next month. The keys are ready for collection, we will need to source for contractor soon..hmmm..busy busy!

My grandpa's b'day was on 2nd day of CNY. As most restaurants in Klang is still closed, we opted for BBQ party this time round. As usual, food is plenty compared to what our stomach can digest. Mee siam, mee goreng, curry chicken, sausages, etc etc.. gosh!!! I stuffed myself again only to find myself sick in the stomach the whole night. I was practically bed-ridden on 3rd day of CNY. After lunch, I head back to lie down.. only getting up to go toilet. My stomach cramped all the time. I only ate lunch that day and took a bus back to SG. Tried sleeping but my head is aching as well.. gosh!! Talk abt being sick! I popped 2 panadols and head to bed at 1am. Causeway was very jammed up last night..
I need to eat lighter meals these days because there will be a feast this coming Saturday. It's 'ren ri' means it's everyone's b'day. Then it is more gambling. I don't gamble but it's fun watching my cousins and aunts n uncs play. Their bet is high, I cannot afford. Easily lose RM1K per nite..woah...tat's alot. I rather use the $$ to eat or buy stuffs..hehe
I am so lazy to save those pix out of my camera.. must get it done this week.. it's hilarious!

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