Sinful weekend

The weekend that went past was indeed very sinful. We're talking about food here..and not anything else. Hahaha
I was back in Klang over the weekend on what supposed to be a surprise birthday for my younger sister, Melinda. Kathleen let the cat out of the bag when she casually mentioned that they should go shopping on Saturday. Hhmmmptth..
Anyway, Saturday is usually eating-out day. Went for breakfast with my grandparents (have not met them for ages..). I had mee yoke, my fave all time noodle. The serving is so pathetically small. Sigh.. The moment I finish the noodle and my soya milk, I am hungry again!!! Hahah.. but nothing much to eat. I have to endure the coldness in my dad's office cos was waiting for Mel to finish her work.
Can't stand it anymore, Aileen drove us back. I was lying on the couch waiting for the rest of my family to be home, munching chicken floss crackers. These crackers are yummy!!! Made by YT's mom. I alone finish half a bottle. Guilty!!!!
Yay.. went to 1-utama for shopping. Suddenly no mood to shop. Supposed to get myself a shirt and a belt. Couldn't find. The clothes are so expensive in KL, just not worth the $$. I was telling my parents, when I was cash-tight, I have no qualms on spending RM500 on my hair but now that my bonus is out, somehow I am more prudent. Calculating down to every cents, converting to SGD before purchasing, doing mental calculation on purchasing in SG will be much cheaper or vice versa. Final verdict? SG clothes is definitely much cheaper. Take example, Raoul shirt is about RM450 but in SG it is only abt $110..even after conversion it is so much cheaper.
My fetish for shoes too did not surface over the weekend. No mood leh..hahaha. Maybe I will not buy any shoes for CNY tis year. Woopss..better not say as I will be heading to town tonight to use my $20 Robinson voucher.
We went for Japanese buffet at Shogun after shopping. I tell u, buffet is definitely not my style. After my first round of sashimi and tom yum soup, I am done!! My dad actually fill himself till his stomach bloated. We were having fun teasing him..hahaha... will post those pictures tonight!
Sunday came and went pretty fast. We planned for durian but dad is lazy to drive all the way to Kepong.. :( . We settled for pizza for brunch!! Treat from Mel though she said it looks cheap to spend us pizza when we bought her hundreds worth of gifts..hahaha
Then it was off to Giant and then Jusco for CNY goodies.. reached home, packed our stuff and head out again. Mom did not forget to boil red bean soup, my fave again!! She also bought rice stick to go with it. Yummy u know.. case someone is so interested to know, I have bought a V gift for YT..hahaha. He will have a hard time finding out what it is and where I kept it..hahaha

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