Chinese New Year

This year mark a very special Chinese New Year for both the Tans and Khors. This year we have a new family member joining the celebration! Zachary Tan, our son, their first grandson, first nephew. Hee

Our son's first captured on camera smile

In order for Zach to grow closer to both set of family, me and hubby have agreed beforehand to alternate the celebration every year. This year will start with my family and next year will be his. It is a win-win situation.

Chinese New Year back at my place is always a grand affair! Mom will cook alot of dishes for offerings and subsequently it goes into our tummy.. ahh..well-fed! Then everyday we will head to restaurants for dinner. There are so many things to celebrate, grandpa's birthday, uncle's birthday, someone in the family won lotsa dough in gambling (in few Ks so I guess there are big losers as well).

The good food - I must learn how to make 'ngoh hiang' from my mom

Yummy steamboat dinner on 7th day of lunar new year

Mouth-watering pork rib at Crystal Crown Hotel

How can I forget the fireworks! My camera is not sophisticated enough to capture the beautiful fireworks but I am full of anticipation for Zach and hb to enjoy it next year..

This year will also be a very busy year for myself. I have to enjoy every moment watching Zach grow up, I have a wedding to plan, I have to plan for holidays for 3 of us..YES! Our first family holiday.. I can't wait.
What more can I ask for? I am a happy wife and a proud mommy to Zach.

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