Boredom is killing me...

I started with a new job early Oct, which means I am 5 weeks into it. I should be happy with this new job considering there is a pay increase and the workload is lesser than my previous 2 jobs. Why am I not?

Put it simply, the past 2 jobs that I was in, I have alot to do for one person. Easily handling 2-3 persons workload for a single pay but I am happy!! I cannot have a single minute idling.. call it crazy but that's me. Before venturing into end user environment, I was with vendor and working till 2am most of the time but I don't' mind it.. it motivates me alot. I am happier, jumping at each opportunity to start a project.

Different is to be said about my current situation. There is work-life balance. I don't need to answer calls on weekends. No emails to check, nothing to rush.. Arrggh.. I must get used to it..else it will not be long before I leave. Crazy!

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