Happy events!

Multiple events cropped up over the last few days, of course it is happy events! Finally see some progress in most stuff.
1. Finally settled the gown - first fitting on 20th Oct. Refer to earlier post..
2. Spent so much yesterday..decided that the previous invitation card design is not up to my standard, hence re-do everything. Went to Made with Love @ Plaza Singapura last night to purchase some stuff; Swarovski crystal, paper, flowers. Laverne recommended me to Spotlight, I was like WOW!!! so huge...I end up buy some glittering stuff and glue. Find that some of their things are old looking..hehehe

3. Decided on what will be the favors - will keep it as a surprise for now!
Both hubby and myself were at Tangs over the weekend, amusing ourselves with the household utensils. Not that I am a great cook but I kept telling him "eh..I like this one.. I must have this.." hahaha.. until we spotted this

If anyone ever remember, most household use such hot water container 10 - 15 years ago? Looking back, it looks quite quaint which hubby says he may consider getting one for our new place.. I totally agree! Red colored one is nice and it is not very costly $29.90.
I have this great affinity towards green colored stuff lately and I am unsure when this all started. To show my love for green, I even painted one of the wall in my room GREEN! It's for my house back in Klang.. and my room is the only one that is totally out of the overall theme - Zen whilst mine is modern contemporary look..heheh =)

My Lime Fizz wall

Other parts of the house are more or less completed! We are targeting to move in by mid-Nov.. yippee!! I have yet to purchase a bed only.. then my room is all complete..

Main door is up - pending paint

Living room with cove lighting

Cozy corner

Dining room and dry kitchen

Water feature cum fish tank

Can't wait to knock off today. Will be going down to see Johnny, the designer of our sanctuary. His perspective drawing is up. Hopefully can get a copy of it tonight - will post it up!

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