My Dream Gown

I've finally settled on my gown for solemnization.. it's a buttercup gown from Olive Suite - cost me a bomb but I simply fell in love with it the moment it caught my eyes few months ago.

We were there yesterday to see other new arrivals but in the end, this gown is still calling out for me! I can safely strike this off my to-do list and now I need to find a pair of nice shoes to go with it..any recommendation on where I can get it?
As Olive Suite is located at Delfi Orchard, we went looking ard seeing what other shops are there and chance upon Fairy's Inc.. I was trying to locate this shop as they have quite good reputation in wedding bands. True enough, seeing what they have to offer made both me n hubby tempted to make ourself another pair of band. But...we already had a pair of wedding band - so maybe we will just get ourself a pair of couple ring?? Hehehe.. Let's see how it goes.
My first gown fitting will be on 20th Oct 2007 - excited!!!
Here's the first glimpse of how my gown will look like:

We meet up with Aileen for dinner at Plaza Market Cafe for buffet dinner - Aileen's treat cos she got an increment!! Happy happy.... get to eat and she got increment! Dinner was good.. and they have Durian Pudding - I took 3 big servings..yummy!! I must make sure I go there again.. it is a die die must have for me..

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