Smelly hair

I simply hate it when I have to travel to work by MRT from Bedok station. Reason I was at Bedok this morning is cos I was at hubby's place last night.
Usually, I will take a train from Tampines to Pasir Ris and then to town - this will guarantee me a place on the train! Hehe
The train as per alwayz, is crowded. Not to mention, there is a lady in the train that kept talking to herself and she is crying at the same time, not sure why.. but she could be mentally unstable.
Then there is this lady that is standing in front of me that kept pushing her hair to my face..not that her hair smells nice in the first place. I have to cover my nose the whole journey while doing the balancing act.
This made me realise that I too could be in that lady's shoe and this means I should start washing my hair everyday..hahaha and invest in a nice smelling shampoo! Yesh..more reason to spend...wahahaha..
Shuld refrain from spending.. my card bills will amount to more than $5K next month - but it is all cos of our love nest and ROM stuff.

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