I'm soooo lazeee

We dragged ourself out from bed last Tuesday, Sept 11 2007. Yeap, you read right.. I am posting something so outdated..reason? I am juz simply too lazy to blog. Come to think of it, I am practically staring at my compy every night till 1am (busy reading forums) but did not bother to blog - one reason I am also lazy to download the pix from my camera. Ha ha ha
It was quite bad for hubby to wake up so early last week. He is not known to be a morning person but nevertheless, the experience was great!

Hubby look tired - from his big, big eye bag!
The HDB officer is really kind, explain everything in detail and fast too! Within 30minutes, all docz that requires signature was signed and we set the 2nd appt to be on Nov 16th. It could be earlier but me n hubby are nice ppl, we do not want the current owner to rush through their renovation at their new place, hence.. =)
Do not understand how come the 4D in SG do not allow betters to buy 3digit. We can do so in Malaysia. Our queue number was 3302 and guess what came out 3rd prize? 9302.. arrgghh. But it is okay.. our unit number did came out twice, although I do not bet on it, still happy..hee

Finally we decided to make a decision on which designer firm to go for end of this month. Wahahaha.. we have been dragging this since June.. hehehe, it is my fault for being fickle minded, scouring everywhere for the cheapest and 'bestest' deal. We found one which is quite good, will be meeting them again this Thursday, fingers n toes crossed that this will be THE ONE!
Shopaholic mood has kicked in (yet again!). I bought 2 pair of shoes at one go last week - cost me more than $100 and I got a shocked (my fault for not looking at the price prior to confirming them). And because of those shoes, I spent nearly $50bucks to purchase blister plasters..wahahaha. The price for being vain! My colleagues and I was saying we should open a shoe shop selling shoes that is 1/2 size bigger than the other - everyone knows all human feets are not equal in size and that explains why I am having blisters on left feet and not right feet! Bleh..
That's not all, I bought myself a skirt, 2 working shirt from Forever21..n previously, bought few dresses, which I have not worn and some worn only once!! And why am I complaining I do not have clothes to wear? Puzzled..

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