Birthday fit for a Princess!!!

I felt like a princess, similar to those Bruneian princess - she actually had 7 days of non-stop celebration when she got married! Mine is different, I had few days of birthday celebration. What more could I ask?
My birthday started last week when dear hubby bought me an LV bag (I've been using it ever since and loving it). Though I have to work during my birthday it didn't matter since dear is busy anyway and I got surprise bouquet of flowers and a silly monkey..cute!

I cheered him on Friday after work when OCBC soccer team played a friendly match against IBM - letz not talk abt the score but IBM won!! *not marginally mind you*.. I was very very tired as I was working very late for the past 2 weeks that we were supposed to go IndoChine for a chill out session and I said NO! Hehehe.. told dear we should just head home take a quick shower and a quick meal and head home to hit the sack!! Haha.. unbelievable...

Dear in action!

Our quick meal turns out to be one fattening one.. BBQ fish & squid, satay and you tiao rojak @ east coast food village and 1 big cup of sugar cane juice.. all at 10.30pm and I slept right after I reached home! No wonder I feel full the next day..

We checked into Swissotel the Stamford on Saturday for some two-some time with dear hubby.. Something went nuts that day - I went into a shopping frenzy; spending few hundred within 2 hours.. ARRGGHH!!! We had our hi-tea @ Bar & Billiard Room, Raffles Hotel. It was really a relaxing afternoon, enjoying tea and cakes and let the time pass.. it was more n more shopping after that with John Little having sale @ Marina Square and I get countless birthday discounts at Topshop & Bodyshop.

Oohh.. and we could not miss the match between Arsenal & ManUtd, couldn't we? Both betted $10 on the match and none of us won so the money will roll-over to next week's match between Blackburn & ManUtd, it was fun!!! We will do that more often..

LaBaroque - not sure why the photo turn out this way but we love the effect!

Another high calorie lunch @ Cafe Swiss today marks the end of my birthday celebration.. the food was good and most importantly the company of my dearest makes everything so nice and complete..

The next thing to look forward to is our ROM and of course Christmas.. Raffles City was in the midst of putting up their tree last nite and this year seems that the celebration starts earlier!! I simply simply lurve Christmas.

Nite view from our room

Giant tree in front of Raffles City Shopping Centre

One of the stash of goods that I managed to grab from John Little is the cutlery set - $50 for 4 pairs (abit exp..but I find it very nice and minimalist).. I have to start buying other stuff first so as to spread the cost evenly.. :)

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