Parteee Time!!

Today's bbq party was made possible after months of planning and meeting up and budgeting and reminders being sent, etc etc etc...J even booked the chalet @ Aloha Loyang 2 mths in advance so that no one will chicken out last minute and menu was decided month before today.
BBQ isn't bbq if there is no one in charge of starting the fire - who could do a better job than Piggy (Dawn's significant other). He done such a good job, that none of our chicken wings were charred by the fire.

Marcus with Dawn (he's assembling the charcoal!)

Who's the chef?? Andy of course, they came just in time to start cooking. As I am preggy, I don't have to do much but sit down and wait to be fed.. Naturally I feel bad as I am being served soya milk by LT and Eileen and food by my dearest hubby.

Andy with the wok (oopss..tongs)

Gary & Lay Ting

Andy & Shu Yan (Tiger??!!?)

Mommy Kath & Yong Teck

Marcus & Dawn

We were smart of us to order the right amount of food. No leftovers!!! Who could have imagined.. everything is just nice. We finish eating by 8-ish and all decided to have some fun with Nintendo Wii..hehehe, some of them are first timers, it was hilarious watching them..

Battle of the fitness!

Getting so many of us to take a group pix is no easy feat!!!

We're definitely rowdier than this...

That's more like it..

Now... this is the bunch!!


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