So Angry

I was so pissed off yesterday morning! I was super hungry and was contemplating whether to have prata or bee hoon, so I was standing in between. The lady at the bee hoon stall stood there for a while and then went back to do her own stuff. Hubby said wanted to eat bee hoon, so we moved to the stall. The same lady said in Malay (translated) "Just now stand there she don't wanna order, now want to order".. inside me, I was abit pissed cos can't I choose what to eat? So I ordered bee hoon and told her I am eating in, she took bee hoon and then proceed to take a scoop of kuay teow (which I did not order..) who eat bee hoon with kuay teow anyway? So I told her, "I din order kuay teow leh.." You know what that lady did? She took out all the bee hoon and proceed to give me all kuay teow... wah liao.. furious she plain D**B or D**F..immediately I said "Forget it, I am not buying from you liao.." Wah liao..she got more fierce than me and said "You said you want kuay teow.." &^$%#@$ luckily hubby was beside me, else, I sure scold her like mad.. end up wif McDonald.. so sick of it..

Of course not all bad over the weekend.. this blog has really turned into my cooking skill blog! Hahaha.. I tried my hand into cooking sweet & sour pork - both hubby and my fave!! Nice came out exactly like the pix from the recipe book (courtesy fr my mom - thanks mommy...!!)

That's steamed broccoli with cheese at the background - recommended by my neighbour

And today, as there are leftover rice, it is fried rice time!!! Yummy..another success

This pix is taken by hubby using his new Nikon SLR.. fyi, he is still trying out how to operate this gadget..hopefully he will get it right and can start shooting nicer pix of me instead of this one..

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