Depleting moolah

Ah..the long long long overdue entry that has been sitting in the Draft folder for almost a week now.

GSS has started since 23rd May which means my credit limit is dwindling every week..wahahaha! There are so many things to purchase so tempting..

Total shoes bought last month: 5 pairs but only 2 out of 3 is comfortable enough..see the problem here?? Too many unused pair of shoes sitting in my shoe cabinet!

The biggest ticket item purchased must be my Tempur pillow that cost me $300bucks before discount but still abit pricey. Nevertheless, worth the price as I hv really good sleep with no shoulder ache or back ache or head ache..Again, I have several pillow stashed away as I purchased them only to find it not 'ngam' for usual!!!

I do want want to post up the pix of what other stuff I have bought over the past few days but I can say is that I have bought enough tops and bottoms to last me for 2 weeks!! Crazee...
Thanks to Lay Ting, I tried my hands on preparing Emperor Chicken, yummy yummy!!!! It's yet another success -

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